May 3


Your Extraordinary DNA

By Adela Rubio

May 3, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts II

Ever marvel at athletes and nobel prize winners? It's easy to get caught in the swell of admiration for someone who excels. It's a natural outflow, a recognition of beauty, power and grace that touches a resonant chord. Whether it's the latest chart topping artist or it's a preening peacock, the extraordinary compels your attention.

We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released. Jean Houston

What if your own brilliance were just as stunning, just as magnetic, just as WOW?

What if all you needed was a scaffolding – a structure that illuminates your already brilliant being – into your natural emergence? The interesting thing here is that your scaffolding may be the ‘problem,' not you. If you aren't in touch with your magnificence it's because your  scaffolding, doesn't support you.

While you're in ‘the gap', between the programmed perception of you and the reality of you, the right scaffolding will allow for movement of your essential essence into it's uniquely brilliant form. However, very little will occur without the scaffolding to support you into the shift in awareness

Once the new state emerges, the scaffolding is nice, but not necessary. You're programmed for greatness. Take it on!

Image: Scaffolding, Kevin Dooley

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  1. Thank you Adela!
    I have finally let go of the concern that someone in the group won’t “see” or feel their brilliance/magnificence. Of course they are able, at whatever level, to experience this beautiful shift into their being!
    My work is with formerly abused (in every imaginable way) people who haven’t been afforded (in most cases) ANY support in any form, to be the marvelous being they were created to be; much less have the courage to reach out & receive some happiness.
    This particular session freed me, so that my clients, who so deserve it, can also be free to claim the recognition of their own specific connection to themselves & others & the world into which they will be able to play, in their own magnificence and connection to God. Yahoo!

  2. What is scaffolding and how does a person find/create the right scaffolding to encourage the emergence of their natural reality?

    1. Scaffolding are the supportive environments and structures that allow us to build, to evolve. The quickest way I know for this emergence of your natural reality is alignment with a resonant tribe.

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