A new year has a special allure. It's a blank slate, a portal of possibility, the precipice of potential.The energy and promise of a whole new year to envision, delineate and launch your plan is heady stuff. How can you amplify and harness the power inherent in the unknown, the edge of what you are about to become?

There are lots of methods for tackling the new year vision. The one I'll share with you is meant to be done on New Year's Day. Set aside 30 minutes, print out a copy of this article, grab a pad and pencil, and find yourself a spot where you won't be interrupted. Let's get started:

1. Connect to your physical and energetic intelligence. Sit comfortably and take three deep breaths. Imagine that you are an energy vortex through which life is spiraling dynamically, always in the now. You are an energy portal in time/space, existing in time and out of time simultaneously, in multiple streams and dimensions. An intellectual understanding of your true nature is not required for this adventure.

On your first breath feel the energy of the physical world entering through your feet on the inhale and spiraling out through your head into the non-physical on the exhale. On your second breath feel the energy of the non-physical forces on the inhale and on the exhale feel the energy spiraling through your feet into the physical world. On your third breath allow your power and your presence to come fully online and follow the energy of your own knowing. Continue breathing until you feel your being open, free and aware. You may find a natural sense of curiosity and play.

2. Engage the energy of your vision. Imagine the year as if it were a film strip. Each month captured in different frames. Look at each frame and notice the detailed scene. What events are taking place? Where are you? Who is with you? Who are you being? What are you doing? What cause are you championing? What are you the leading edge for? Play with fast forwarding and reversing the frames and see if you notice anything new. What is the overarching theme for this year? How is it informing and expanding your vision? Who have you become because of this vision?

3. Translate the vision into a mindmap. Be in the energy of the vision and pick up your pad and pencil and start doodling with the information garnered from the vision. Feel free to follow your own process. It's important to play and have fun with this part. Really unleash your self expression.

If I were doing this, which I will tomorrow, I might draw a circle in the middle and give myself a tag like ‘brilliant babe.' Then I would draw some lines from that circle and tag the different roles that I saw myself in – leader, writer, speaker, yoga teacher, director, activist, gallery owner. Then I'd free-flow and write a couple of sentences elaborating a little bit more on each role. Maybe some of the things I'd be doing, organizations or people I'd be working with, events or shows that I'd be attending, people I'd be meeting on Twitter and Facebook, etc. This should be uniquely you.

4. Embody your presence and your power. Create an energetic intention to step into the grandest you that you can imagine. Be willing to try on a ‘new you.' See the evolution of you as a reality. Be the biggest you that you can be! Feel the energy of this being, in the becoming, know that the only thing that separates you from this experience of you is the tick tock of time. Merge with this future you energetically, feel the knowing of this being. Step into her/him right now! Invite the energy of this expanded presence to occupy every cell of your body. Be the Being!

5. Partner with someone to ensure your vision comes to life. Whether it's a coach, a buddy or a community, BIG visions require the commitment of other people. Anything that you can do on your own is just not big enough. You're barely scratching the surface, you're playing in the safe zone. The grand adventure is outside of your box. If it scares you, now we're talking. And if it scares you there's only one thing to do, step into it. That's where partnering with others is priceless. The right partnering will have you showing up bigger than you might have imagined for yourself.

Life's adventure seeks your eager engagement, uncensored willingness and unleashed nature. This chapter will come to a close. Your grand adventure is your legacy to life. Here's to an extraordinary you in 2009 and beyond.

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