Your Business Is An Evolutionay Power Tool

On the adventure of bringing your work into the world, have you ever asked yourself, “Why would anyone want to do this with me when there are already so many experienced people doing this kind of work?”

Early on I was faced with this very same question. One of the things that moved me into action around ‘my work' was my frustration in spending most of my energy on the dreaming and visioning of it and not enough in the doing of it.

At first, I experienced that question as a roadblock, it substantiated my inner doubts and grounded my fears. Then something quite interesting occurred, it became the pathway for the evolution of my work. The continued engagement of that question was the compelling force that moved me into finding my own unique way of working, imbued with my talents, strengths and life experience. This not so subtle inquiry can be just the thing that forms the cobblestone road to your unique contribution.

The value in acting upon a vision isn't so much in what you have to offer right now. Your vision is the rocket fuel that propels you, like a space ship breaking free from the gravitational pull of the planet, to “boldly go where you have never gone before.”

The value is in who you become because of it and what that makes possible for others.The only thing that you can really give another is the certainty of your own experience. You can't teach what you haven't known. You can't lead where you haven't been.

Here's the thing: Your business, your work, is not only your gift to life, your service to the world. It is an accelerated path to your personal evolution and your evolution contributes to Life!

Want help in creating a business and building a Tribe that reflects and empowers your essence, while serving your corner of the world? Connect with me to see if coaching and mentoring might be a good next step for you on your business adventure.


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  1. It is Funny how even though you may fear becomming who you are and live your true desires in the buisness you beleive you are here to do, circumstances and opportunities pop up all the time, in order to step over this line and go forth in faith and belief in what you have to offer is unique as it comes from you. May we all be pushed and shoved gently to become our desires.

    1. Life is always on offer, Karen, as you noticed. Faith and belief are reinforced with inspired action. The more you step into your knowing, the more it is strengthened and the more you trust it, consequently.

  2. Oh, Adela thank you, thank you! I am in awe of the beauty of the message and serendipitous timing of it!

    I read this post after participating in the replay of this morning’s call. During the exercise, as I was dancing with my obstacle (literally and I am sure much to the confusion of my neighbor who could see me), what came to me bigger than life was, “stop looking, stop analyzing, get out of your head and just Do The Do.”

    Ah, the epiphany– my struggles in trying to find the perfect niche for my coaching/healing practice, and in reinventing my life is the JUCIEST thing I have to offer! What I have learned, and continue to learn, can now be shared with others looking to become fully themselves and shed what doesn’t fit anymore. After all, what led me to you and the community you have created is my desire to contribute to the evolution of a world where everyone gets to live authentically and fully and embrace the energy of what is.

    The answer was there all along– thanks for reminding me 🙂

    And, Shayla– what you wrote is lovely and deeply moving. Have a wonderful dance with your daughter!

    1. Gabrielle, your experiences are the treasure that you share with others, for whom your path is a beacon. Your value is often overlooked because it is so easy. Yet, your unique gifts are what especially equip you to help those that cross your path. Keep contributing, the world is richer for it.

  3. For a long time I have been trying to figure out how I was going to make my
    ‘bad stuff’ work for me! And here we are……. lol.
    Also, I’ve recognized my desire to go in a new direction w. my playtime, and
    I’ve had some subtle signs and some ‘slap me upside the head’ moments. I have run into actual roadblocks/excessive traffic in getting to my clients this week, which have gotten my wheels spinning!
    All in all, though frustrated, getting excited for some new playgrounds! Paula

    1. Creating a new relationship to problems IS exciting, Paula. Your ‘bad stuff’ is a rich playground that has fertilized your path. Watch the blooms, babe!

  4. I tuned into the call just in time to begin the dance. There is something, a poem or quote from one of the Sufis, Oriah Mountain Dreamer or Rufi that I include in my prayers that says “Welcome Guests”. It means that whatever comes your way, even it it is awful like the altercation I had with my teen aged daughter this morning, welcome it and with today’s message, dance with it.

    I so appreciate this reminder to live my prayers! Sometimes I feel a little over confident saying to myself “Ya, I am welcoming EVERYTHING in and allowing it to teach me to live more fully.” Well, how about this morning, waking to discover that my daughter has snuck out (again)? Enduring the horrid moments thinking, what am I going to say, what am I going to do? She comes home and I am so relived that I yelled at her (again). During the altercation a window was broken. All of this at 6am. She got on the bus and went to school. The jagged edges from the break aren’t cutting me as I envelope IT in my arms for the dance. Why not? Because it is here to teach me. I trip over IT’s feet. IT holds me up.
    My daughter needs these hugs too. We’ll dance when she gets home.

  5. Exactly where I am at–shaping my business based on my experiences and unique me–and there’s a lot of breaking free! Sorry I can’t catch your call until 9:00.

  6. You are so right, Adela.
    I love the metaphor you used for vision – “Your vision is the rocket fuel that propels you, like a space ship breaking free from the gravitational pull of the planet, to “boldly go where you have never gone before.””

    I have found that the tricky thing in harvesting the bounty of “continued engagement …” is the flavor with which the question (Why would anyone want to do this with me..?) is spiced.

    When the logical “why” question is authentic and honest in seeking a positive answer, intuition will continue and stay engaged until the answers are found.

    This requires energy and stamina that is easily consumed, if negativity raises its ugly head.

    The energy required for vision building can be found in asking the right questions – see


    1. Jack, thanks for sharing your resources. Yes, continued engagement is the kicker. Most of us need a coach, a power pal or a community to keep us in movement.

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