You Are The One

Who you are is exactly who you need to be, just step it up a notch. Julia Butterfly Hill

Having a dream or a vision without the tangible means to accomplish it can seem pretty daunting. How do you get started when you don't even know where to start?

You start by saying YES to the issues and causes that repeatedly find their way into your life. You engage the exploration of what fires you up, what matters deeply. It's not  something that you'd like to do, or maybe even want to do. There's nothing lukewarm or nice about being ‘the one.' The energy of your YES will propel you relentlessly into dynamic movement. It will arise from aligning with what's yours to be and do.

There is a dynamic creation that is eager to partner with you. What would you do, even if no one noticed? What pulls you magnetically into its alluring grip? Whatever you're ‘the one' for has already found you. Just notice the call and step up to what's next. Saying YES! to it – even a small movement – will build the energy into an unstoppable force.


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