May 14


You are THAT

By Adela Rubio

May 14, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts II

Statistics have shown that a specific number of people, joined in a focused, unified consciousness of non-denominational mass prayer, produce effects that extend well beyond the room or building where the prayer has occurred…

The “lost” mode of prayer is a form of prayer that has no words, no outward expression, and is based simply in feeling. Specifically, this mode of prayer invites us to feel the appreciation and gratitude in our heart, as if our prayers have already been answered, even if the world appears to show us otherwise…

From our heart, the feeling is the prayer! Studies have shown that this quality of gratitude and appreciation for the peace that already exists creates a “field effect”—in the presence of peace, all that can happen is peace. Greg Bradden

You are already that! You are peace, you are light, you are love. The only ‘problem' is the gap in awareness. The only ‘challenge' is your programmed behavior. That is what you are NOT! You are not your collection of stories and beliefs, you are not your experiences. You are this moment, right now, unleashed in fullness and splendor.

You are dynamic flow…
You are stillness in spaciousness…
You are illuminated wisdom in movement…
You are expansive heartfulness at play…
You are creative ecstasy unbounded…
You are love, all encompassing and understanding…
You are joy, pealing ringlets of laughter for Life!

You are THAT…
YES! You are…

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Listen to the replay…

Adela Rubio

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Adela Rubio hosts trainings and events on activating your creative essence with collaboration and community. She's hosted 40+ Online Events (30-Day Events, Virtual Summits, and digital marketing trainings) and facilitated 100's of Writing Circles.

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  1. Great call! Still tapped into the tribe’s energy and flow on the replay. Fantastic! And John, wonderful words that sync so well with the feelings.

    Thanks from a webcast lovely !

  2. I just experienced this replayed. It was one of the best ever! Your words and the way you said them brought me right to “the gap”. It is where “I” am. Every deep breath allowed more delicious realization.

    The synchronicity with Rayora’s check in was absolutely fabulous!

    Thank you everyone!

  3. Yes – even listening to the replay, I tapped into the energy of the group in no time!
    This was an expansive weightless experience.
    There was not even a space because I was space.

    and I got this feeling of when I’m being “that” there is no weight, there is only flow and it requires no effort at all.

  4. Adela – this morning’s call … exquisite.
    Thank you for bringing awareness to the freedom in the gap, being the gap.
    so awe-some! love this weaving together.

  5. This morning’s meditation and discussion stimulated my conscious energy to choose and create the following definition of what those 3 words in the title of today’s shift meant to me. I filled in the gaps for me. Enjoy and be blessed!

    “You Are That” – YOU CHOOSE!
    by John Hlavac

    The first word is “You”. We choose who we really are.
    I’d choose YOU to mean: Young, Open and Unbelievable

    The second word is “Are”. We choose how we fill in our own gaps.
    I’d choose ARE to mean: Abundant Resonating Energy

    The third word is “That”. We choose to become boundless beings.
    I’d choose THAT to mean: Tantalizing, Holistic, Absolute and Terrific

    What do you CHOOSE?

    Thank you all for helping me with my inspiration today – YES!

  6. My Echo

    My flow is in motion
    Held in the stillness.
    Wisdom downloaded,
    Heart open and free
    Centrally guided.
    Creatively channelled,
    Love Divine dances.
    Joy. Laughter and Ecstacy
    Embrace my soul.

    This is me and YOU AND YOU AND YOU…………. We are ONE!

    What an amazing end to the week. The peace and grace surrounds me and I know it touches all of you.The rainbows of dancing colour entine my heart with yours blessedly, a massive global caress.


    Thankyou dear Adela once again and blessings, peace and joy to everyone. I will be away for Monday’s last call but will sense and feel you all. IN LOVE Rosemary

  7. Outrageously delicious call today! I’ll be moving in the gap (I am that!) today as I pack to leave for Florida tomorrow ….a wonderful respite on the beach with 4 other outrageous, wonderful women. Usually I
    would be in a frantic state about this, but not today. Thanks for ushering me into the beautiful flowing gap.
    Huge hugs and MWAH!

  8. The ebb and flow continues. The gaps in awareness are less frightening. Though I still fall into the safe predictable places, I am becoming bored with them instead of comforted by them. “Bored” has never been in my vocabulary. I disdained those who used it. Now I see its gift. i.e there are bigger, better things ahead than ‘safe’. Love from the bathtub:)…no showers for me!

  9. Thank you for the I AM reminder, Adela. Lots of great stuff going on (images accepted in 2 juried photography exhibits, photographing an event, and possibly a wedding…) and yet I’ve still feel all this sadness this week.

    I repeat your words with I AM

    I am dynamic flow…
    I am stillness in spaciousness…
    I am illuminated wisdom in movement…
    I am expansive heartfulness at play…
    I am creative ecstasy unbounded…
    I am love, all encompassing and understanding…
    I am joy, pealing ringlets of laughter for Life!

    I am ALL THAT and so much more
    YES! I AM!

  10. AH, the awareness of it- there’s the rub and there’s the challenge. LoveLoveLove the shifts and learning to laugh at my “asleep” awareness. I do so love waking up!

  11. Adela,

    You’ve done it again … as my truth is always unspeakable, it is such a place of profound knowing.

    I thank and love you all for allowing me to accept I am this ….


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