March 29


Writing From the Dark (to Turn on the Light)

By Adela Rubio

March 29, 2012

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A seed, that germ of life that contains within it so much potential and power, gestates in the dark.  It needs the dark.  The dark is actually what makes it possible for the seed to sprout and emerge into the light.

The same is true of your creativity and your life….

To write with power and passion, to live with power and passion, it is important to enter into the dark, to journey inward to the places in your imaginations and your life that are shadowed with violence, anger, grief, fear and sex.  Explore the places of dreams and nightmares…  the Death and Tower cards of the tarot.

In this journey, you discover your potential for writing with authority and significance. Discover the insights and inspiration that can light the way to a more empowered, creative life.

Get Paula's Special Report: Dreaming with the Moon for Creative Inspiration. This report will give you some simple tips on how to remember, record, and work with your dreams, as well as steps for keeping a dream journal, and the reasons why a dream journal can be so helpful in your life as a creative person. It also provides you with instructions on how to incubate a dream for desired insight at the time of the month that seems to be most active for many dreamers—the Full and the New Moons. Get it NOW!

paulachaffescardamaliaPaula Chaffee Scardamalia, dream consultant for People Magazine, is a Dream and Tarot Intuitive, and Writing and Creativity Coach who empowers you to get inspired, break through blocks and fears, and create your book, product, or program.  She connects you with your Muse so you do the sacred creative work you were meant to do.

Paula publishes a weekly e-newsletter on creativity, dreams, and the tarot, and speaks on dreams and tarot at the exclusive destination spa, The Lodge at Woodloch.  She is the award-winning author of Weaving a Woman’s Life: Spiritual Lessons from the Loom.

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  1. You mentioned writing is good to do during depression, but not the kind that needs therapy? I have to disagree with you. I have that and although I see a therapist, I find that writing (when I can actually motivate myself to do it), helps immensely.

    There are times that I feel energized, it can lift mood and it can help to feel relieved. It’s not a cure all of course but it can be a great addition to treatment. People in depression are in a deep emotion and that’s where some awesome creativity can come from and it’s a therapy all in itself.

    The trick is to get to it. When one is in a deep clinical depression, it’s difficult to get started with anything at all. And in addition, the stuff that’s being written is usually painful stuff, but like you said, it’s one way some of us can heal.

    1. I totally agree, Laura. I’m sure Paula would also agree. I think she was referring to folks with extreme depression. You know we can’t diagnose, or any of that fun stuff. I’m sure she meant it from that perspective.

      I also suffered from depression most of my life. Doing Julia Cameron Artist’s Way and being in writing circles changed my life!

      Thanks for the reminder. Writing IS a transformative tool, one of my faves!

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