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How to Unleash Your Creativity (Even When You Feel Stuck)!

unleash your creativity

What if creativity is not an environment-dependent phenomenon or reliant on the haphazard visitation of your Creative Muse? What if the things that hold you back are the key to discovering how to soar?All of life is a creative adventure, isn’t it? There are things you want, barriers to your getting it, and how you […]

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Epic Storytelling: How to Tell Your Larger Than Life Story

Wild Creatrix Cafe - Epic Storytelling - Santari Green

Storytelling is an essential skill to rewrite your experience. You probably already know that. After all, best-selling books and blockbuster films repeatedly illustrate the power of story to move you beyond what you thought was possible. But … what happens when you take your own ordinary life and create an epic story? That’s the exploration […]

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Mary Magdalene and a New Power Archetype

Mary Magdalene Power Archetype

Have you ever wondered about mythic figures and who they really are? I love how stories inspire you to stretch beyond the status quo. It’s no big surprise to yearn for more tidbits and insights from people (real or fictional) who pull you into a greater arc of experience. Think back to a time when […]

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Unleash Your Wild Infinite Genius

unleash wild infinite genius soleira green

Is it true that genius people are few and far between, a rare occurrence? Meet Soleira Green, Quantum Coach and Author, and get ready to consider an even more extraordinary experience. Everyone has genius. Even if someone thinks they don’t. They do. Soleira Green The chat was, like Soleira, dynamic! We explored: What is genius […]

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3 Tips on How to Collaborate on a Creative Project

wild creatrix cafe - art of creative collaboration - tim ebbl - Kyla dagenais

Left to your own devices you might get that book published (or not). Tim Eble and Kyla Dagenais shared how collaboration created an extraordinary opportunity for the synergy of their expertise. It also led to a book. Collaboration can help you get your creations out into the world. Here are some highlights from the call […]

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How to Flow with the Creative Forces

When the seasons shift it’s a great time to ride the energy of the creative forces. Natural rhythms pull us forward into cycles where things happen with much more ease. In spring it’s a time to focus on what wants to come to Life. Where are you budding forth? What’s in bloom? These were my […]

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