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Ready to Free Your Creative Essence, Activate Your Self-Expression, and Grow Your Creative Inner Circle?

Invoke Your Inner Artist and Let the Page Capture Your Creative Essence

Portals & Pathways:  The Art of Dancing Between Dimensions

The creative dance leads you to a daring world of ever evolving possibilities. Are you ready for this dynamic dance? Are you primed for the delicious duo - you + the Cosmic forces - moving far beyond where you've been before?

Creative practice always puts you on the path of awakening and awareness, joy and wonder, curiosity and paradox. Join our creative circle as we explore these topics, share our writing, and connect to a grander experience.

time sensitive! Enrollment ends apr 6!

Why Join a Writing Circle?

I have hosted circles for about 25 years. I started off with Reiki Circles in the '90s. Here's what I have experienced from hosting  writing  for the past 16 years and what you can expect from participating:

Clarify Your Innate Gifts

Writing circles consistently illustrate your strengths, talents, and abilities. Week after week you'll start to see the through lines. Your circle will reflect the beauty and brilliance that is you.

Embody Your Authentic Voice

Writing circles will elicit the innate writer in you. You don't necessarily have to written before either. The circle and page will pull you into your authentic voice. You'll discover your own writing style, your power words, your rhythm and riveting voice ready to come out and play.

Navigate Change with Ease and Grace

Writing circles amplify your ability to sense, feel, and know.  They coax your creative adventurer to come out, explore, and play with it all. You'll experience consistent creative insights, embodied self-expression, and delightful self-awareness.

Access Your 'No Doubt' Inner Wisdom

Writing circles take you to your deepest inner reserves. The more that you open up to the wonder of who you are the more readily just-in-time know-how kicks in.

Unleash Your Wild Creatrix

Writing circles deliver on your creative kapow and kick-ass Wild Creatrix.  You'll create new books, prose, poetry, blog posts. Other interests will arise and you will find that you are creative in infinite ways.

Connect with Creative Buddies

Writing Circles will connect you to the most amazing people. You'll find a caring, creative, and conscious community well-versed in deep listening and creative collaboration. This community rocks!

This is SO much more than a writing circle! The process is simple. The results profound.

Here’s what people are saying about our writing circles ...


Author & Healer

These circles have been so valuable to me, to be a part of amazing, deep women who get it and get me!

I would recommend them for any woman and/or man who wants to learn more about themselves and who want to be supported in their creative and spiritual growth! I love Adela's way of supporting so effortlessly, always leading with a sense of humor and depth!

Vida Groman - Coach and Healer


You were generous, deep hearted and supportive.

You offered me a place and community for me to do one of the things I love to do...write. I also had a chance to connect with other women of like minds which is another thing i love to do. 

Teresa O'Neil


I feel a constant in this place when life around me swirls and changes.

The writing circle is very sacred to me. Something about feeling into the energetic space and being held and also holding others in our sacred seeing and being.

Themes & Topics

This is a year-long program, but registration opens every 12 week cycle. Here are the initial topics we'll explore. However, I am led by my muses and will tweak the topics right up until our scheduled call. When the circle comes together, the individual participants shape the energy of the circle. Often, topics get fine-tuned accordingly.

We will be exploring the intersection and relationship between the two topics each month. From decades of hosting and participating in writing circles, and collaborative adventures, I've noticed that these particular topics are essential in doing this dance between dimensions. Here are the tentative themes and topic explorations:


Jan - Mar: Design the Creative Playground. Let's explore the dynamic dance of creating while the playground is undulating with creative chaos. Follow and lead! 

Portals and Pathways
Form and Force
Fixity and Flow


Apr - Jun: Boost Your Dimensional Crafting Power. We'll dive into awareness amplification, quantum connection, and hyper-activation. Feel and know!

Instinct and Intuition
Response and Readiness
Dimensions and Dialogue


Jul - Sep: Activate Your Creative Terrain. Shape the divine dance in accordance with the movement spiraling through you. Release and renew!

Stories and Spirals
Cycles and Patterns
Rules and Roles


Oct - Dec: Dancing in Consciousness. Identify your power moves and natural cyles. Dance and divine!

Relevance and Rhythms
Surrender and Willingness
Intellect and Inspiration

About Your Facilitator, Adela Rubio

Adela Rubio is a Writer, Circle Facilitator and Virtual Event Host. She creates experiences that spark your creative essence and unleash your innate Wild Creatrix(or). She’s hosted writing circles for 16+ years and is a long-time journal writer and blogger.

Her introspective nature led to journaling as a child. Yeah, she was that kid! Coaching and creative collaboration go hand-in-hand for her. She loves exploring the inner world and re-framing experiences to invite personal evolution. The container of a sacred circle weaves wondrous magic!

Adela has hosted and produced 34 virtual events, with hundreds of partners and thousands of participants, for the sheer joy of sharing her creative essence and eliciting yours.

Here’s what participants have shared about Adela and her writing circles

Paula D'Andrea
Paula D'andrea

Re-Set Expert

This cherished community gave me the best support I had ever gotten

The experience allowed me to share my thoughts, feelings and voice. It put me in my power, and I am forever grateful for it. You are going to love Adela, AND how much creativity, inner wisdom and energy you will have by the end of it.


Writer, Speaker, Healer

I needed a safe place to both express and develop what was going on within

Being a part of a circle was life-changing, and my gifts grew as I shared them. My voice became my own, and the support, synergy and surprises took us higher than we could on our own.



I find in this group a circle of love, acceptance, encouragement or just a witness to my words

My words find me during the time of space and connection. Some have called this a sacred connection. I call it an opportunity to find more of who you are.

Here's how the writing circle works

The format of the program is a circle: shared power, ownership, contribution. We'll unleash your inter-dimensional Wild Creatrix through exploration on the themes and topics listed in the curriculum above.

  • WEEKLY CIRCLE. We meet every 12-week cycle from Jan 6 through Dec 22. Calls begin with a topic exploration, then a guided visualization, followed by one to two writing prompts and opportunities to read your writing.
  • CIRCLE CO-FACILITATION. The circle works because of our collective engagement. All participants co-lead the circles with me, except for the opening and closing circle which I host alone. You will receive a Circle Co-Facilitator Guide upon registration. It's easy peasy! I manage all the tech.
  • PRIVATE GROUP. Here's where we circle up when we're not on a call. This is where we'll post writing, provide feedback, connect, support, brainstorm, share resources, etc

Writing is a magical practice. Visualization is a manifestation practice. Combine those two and you've got rocket fuel for the wild dance of creation! That's the invitation, darlings! It's simple AND powerful.

Here’s what participants have shared about our writing circles

debra jason

Author & Copywriter

This program kept me committed to writing daily

I was surprised how quickly 2 minutes flew by and how I let the stream of consciousness flow. Adela has a big wide open heart. Adela speaks freely and deeply cares about others without judging them. She creates a safe space for expression. I am honored to call her friend. Thanks, Adela.

Peggy Lynn - Writing Circles
peggy lynn


The most valuable thing personally is the feedback on my sharings

I loved the energy of the group, the enthusiasm for showing up for each other, especially when someone was not known to the group familiar with each other, like me. I love Adela's authenticity and that she is not afraid to share the real person and personality within her circle of influence. Adela's easygoing, nurturing self allows each person in her circle to proceed wherever, and however, they show up in life for themselves.

hilarie cox


Opening up my writing ability that was stifled

he most valuable thing about the program was opening my writing ability that was stifled. Adela is so nurturing and supportive , she encourages you to keep moving forward even when you may want to stop.

Ready to Join the Circle?

We meet Wednesdays at 12 pm ET. There are 7 max participants per circle to ensure time for all to share. A second circle will be added if there is interest. Choose a one-time payment or a recurring monthly payment.

Pricing Plan

Wild Creatrix Circle Subscription

Best value is paid in full for $199.


  • 12 writing circles
  • Co-Facilitator Guide included.
  • Access to Ecourse with recording prompts and guided visualizations.
  • Bonus Module: How Circles Work and How to Make the Most of It!
  • Private community.
  • Max 7 circle members

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start and finish?

What if I'm not a 'writer?'

What if I don't want to share my writing?

What if I I'm not on Facebook?

Do you only accept women in the circle?

What if I can't afford the suggested price of $199?

How long do I have access to the course?


Here's what participants have to say ...

Sheila krichman

Copywriter & Marketer

The writing prompts helped me tune into myself

Adela is outstanding, provocative, stimulating. She climbed out of her loss space which made me feel like she worked through some healing. The writing prompts helped me tune into myself— see what’s really going on.

Morgine jurdan

Animal Communicator

The questions were engaging and had me wanting to respond!

 I am journaling and writing daily! Daily journaling always transforms my life and I needed prodding to get back to doing it again! I love Adela because she is always .... uniquely herself, vulnerable, honest, open, real, engaging, and inspiring role model!

Kathleen Kunze

Circle Participant

I have experienced many shifts and insights as a result of the daily readings and writings.

I appreciate and enjoy the precision and artistry of your writing style. Writing to prompts with no goal or objective in mind has freed the flow of my writing and shown me that I can write easily and effortlessly.

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