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Jan 6. 


There's great wisdom in looking within and even greater wisdom in connecting with a circle who does the same. It amplifies your power and infinite possibilities.

Conventional wisdom says that you are the "average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." I don't know if that always applies. I DO know that your circle impacts your ability to see yourself clearly and can either support or hinder your movement in the world.

Are you ready to . . .

  • Expand your self-awareness
  • Practice self-reflection
  • Open to self-discovery

You are in the right place! I know my growth and increased ability to move about the world unleashed and self-expressed is a direct result of leading and participating in circles.

Why Join a Writing Circle

I have hosted circles for about 25 years. I started off with Reiki Circles in the '90s. 
Here's what I have experienced from hosting women's writing circles for the past 15 years and what you can expect from participating:

  • Clarification and Certainty of Your Innate Gifts, Talents and Abilities
  • Increased Power to Perceive Your Vision and Shape Your World
  • Access to Your 'No Doubt' Inner Wisdom and Kick-Ass Creatrix
  • Consistent Creative Insights and Embodied Self-Expression
  • Deep Listening and Delightful Self-Awareness
  • Connection to Creative Buddies Who Rock

I am NOT a big fan of rules. I prefer a scaffolding that can shift as needed. This is the program in its initial concept. I'm open to how it may evolve.

How the Circle Works

The format of the program is a circle: shared power, ownership, contribution. We'll unleash your creative nature through exploration on the themes listed below. Here's the program in a nutshell:

WEEKLY CIRCLE. We meet Wednesdays at 12 pm ET/9 am PT. Each call begins with a connection exercise, usually a guided visualization, and then 3 writing prompts. I  lead Circles 1 and 12 and co-lead the other 10 circles. Everyone in the circle is invited to co-lead a call weeks 2 - 11. We write. We lead. We share our writing (or not).

PRIVATE GROUP. Here's where you are invited to circle up between calls.  Share your writing, connect, support, brainstorm, share resources, etc. I will always post a call reminder her too.

Writing is a magical practice.  Visualization is a manifestation practice. Combine those two and you've got rocket fuel for the wild dance of creation! That's the invitation, darlings! It's simple AND powerful.

“This cherished community gave me the best support I had ever gotten”

“About 5 years ago as I was transitioning my career, my mentor invited me to join her writing circle. had no idea what to expect... I had never shared my writing Even though it was uncomfortable at first, I took the leap. This cherished community gave me the best support I had ever gotten. The experience allowed me to share my thoughts, feelings and voice. It put me in my power, and I am forever grateful for it. I'm still in this writing circle. You are going to love Adela, AND how much creativity, inner wisdom and energy you will have by the end of it. Come and join us for this transformational experience!”

Paula D'Andrea

The Art of Creation
Sep 16 - Dec 2

Over the next twelve weeks, we'll explore the creative process. I've identified 4 themes to explore the pathway from Inspiration to Implementation. This is gleaned from my own observation of how it works in my world. Yours may be slightly different. Feel free to shape the language around the process you've experienced.

Theme 1: Inspiration

Initial impulse. It's the spark that stirs the seedling into its inevitable dance of beingness. The cosmic template unfolds bit by bit revealing your unique pathway. It is the primary fuel that moves you to into action readily.

Theme 2: Incubation

Germination period. You capture the elements. What is this thing? How does it move you? Get as much as you have right now. Step away from your idea (or issue) and engage in nurturing activities like journaling or daydreaming, walking or meditating. All the while, you are open to your seedling's spiral of evolution.

Theme 3: Ideation

Divine downloads. It occurs often as a flash, a brilliant idea. It frequently happens while doing something very ordinary (like sweeping the floor, taking a shower, exercising on your Peloton). Sometimes it's a solitary thought or a torrential downpour. It's time to capture the brilliant bits. It all gets sorted.

Theme 4: Implementation

Make it real. Here's where you test the idea in your corner of the cosmos. Confirm it solves an issue. This is where it all comes together. Your masterpiece is here! Those who are perfectly poised to receive it give you priceless feedback. It's even better than you imagined!

“I needed a safe place to both express and develop what was going on within”

In 2010, I was going through a BIG transformation in my emotional and spiritual body after experiencing a shift in my career and home life. I needed a safe place to both express and develop what was going on within. Adela's Conscious community of writers and change agents was the perfect match for my unfolding career as an evolutionary woman, writer and facilitator of transformational groups worldwide. Being in the circle was like a warm hug from above. Adela's voice was pure magic as she transported us with her energy shifts, and helped us delve in to our own inner essence in the magical creational process of putting words to our thoughts and feelings. I have always been a writer, but like many, mostly a 'lone wolf' of inner creation. Being a part of a circle was life-changing, and my gifts grew as I shared them. My voice became my own, and the support, synergy and surprises took us higher than we could on our own. I highly encourage you to join the sacred writing circle and unleash your essence…”

Krista Moore

Our Guiding Lights

Our writing prompts will be pulled from our themes and the writing of poets, philosophers, mystics, and even your own. Among them: Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Carlos Castaneda, Mary Oliver, Rumi, Maya Angelou, Hafiz, Audre Lord, Osho, Kabir, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John O'Donohue,  Elizabeth Gilbert, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Anais Nin, Rainer Maria Rilke, Zadie Smith, David Whyte, and more.

“I find in this group a circle of love, acceptance, encouragement or just a witness to my words”

“In 2009 - at a time before what I now know was an adrenal shut down with many, many issues that nearly immobilized and traumatized me - I met Adela. I slowly stumbled into writing with a small group of women in her community. They called it a writing circle. It is - but it’s so much more. I find in this group a circle of love, acceptance, encouragement or just a witness to my words - and my words find me during the time of space and connection. Sample the power of a circle and you’ll get to experience how we bring our own voice. Some have called this a sacred connection. I call it an opportunity to find more of who you are.”

angela barnes

Ready to Join the Circle?

We meet Wednesdays at 12 pm ET. There are 5 max participants per circle to ensure time for all to share. A second circle on Thursdays at 6pm ET will be added if there is interest.

Choose a one-time payment or a recurring monthly payment. 

Wild Creatrix Circle

Best value is paid in full for $199.


  • 12 writing circles
  • Practice your co-facilitation skills. Writing Circle Co-Facilitator Guide included.
  • Access to Ecourse with recording prompts and guided visualizations.
  • Bonus Module: How Circles Work and How to Make the Most of It!
  • Facebook community for connection and support.
  • Max 5 circle members

“I feel a constant in this place when life around me swirls and changes”

“I look forward to your writing circles every time you hold space for one. I have been willing to jump in over the years and I feel a constant in this place when life around me swirls and changes. The writing circle is very sacred to me. Something about feeling into the energetic space and being held and also holding others in our sacred seeing and being. Adela, you are so very committed to this circle and your own writing practice. I love reading your invitations and e-mails. Your hosting of the live calls is spacious and so inviting. Thank You.”

Teresa O'Neill

Adela Rubio is a Circle Facilitator and Virtual Event Host. She creates experiences that spark your creative essence and unleash your innate Wild Creatrix. She’s hosted writing circles for 15+ years and is a long-time journal writer and blogger.

Her introspective nature led to journaling as a child. Yeah, she was that kid! Coaching and creative collaboration go hand-in-hand for her. She loves exploring the inner world and re-framing experiences to invite personal evolution. The  container of a sacred circle weaves wondrous magic!

Adela has hosted and produced 32 virtual events, with hundreds of partners and thousands of participants, for the sheer joy of sharing her creative essence and eliciting yours.


When does the program start and finish?

What if I'm not a 'writer?'

What if I don't want to share my writing?

What if I I'm not on Facebook?

What if I can't make the live calls?

Do you only accept women in the circle?

What if I can't afford the suggested price of $199?

How long do I have access to the course?

What if I am unhappy with the program?

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