December 12

What’s Your Business Brilliance


Articulating your brilliance effectively in how you deliver your message can be one of the most challenging aspects of growing your business. Most of the remarkable brands I've seen have synthesized serving a specific market uniquely and authentically. It is the foundation of an enduring and successful business.


Why are you moved to create a business, what propels you into movement regardless of external approval and affirmation? What is the singular service that you are brilliantly designed to deliver and that solves an urgent and painful problem? Who are you here to serve in a way that no one else can?

In order to embody your Why, What and Who brilliantly, and uniquely, you've got to be connected to that inner spark that fuels your Being. That spark is your Essence and though it can be experienced energetically in its free-flowing form it powers up your world when you can articulate how it shows up as you are in service to others.

Two Reasons Why Your Business Isn't Zinging

One of the reasons that it can be so difficult to tap into the powerhouse that fuels your essence, is that you're scratching the surface or you're playing it safe.

Another reason is that it's easy to dismiss the gifts that feel natural and effortless. After all, it's not special if you have everyday access to that level of mastery. Yet, these are the very gifts that create the most impact and value for others. Ironically, it is this very thing – who you ARE essence-tually – that will create breakthroughs and transformation for others.

Most of the time this brilliance excavation can best be facilitated by a trusted partner or in an aligned and conscious community.

Clarify Your Business Essence

Let's explore the places where you might have noticed the reflection of your essence.

First, listen to the audio below, then…

1. Jot down your top three talents. These are things you're SO good at AND love, that you can do them in your sleep. It should also feel like a calling, something that you can't resist offering when someone needs it.

2. Ask friends for feedback. I know this will be a stretch for some of you, but this alone can create huge a-ha's and inner shifts! Be brave, be bold and email 5-10 friends. Ask them to make two lists: (1) The Top 5 Things They LOVE About You and (2) The Top 3 Things You're Brilliant At. If they give you more than that awesome, icing on the cake!

3. Partner up with a Power Pal. Take turns sharing with each other the results of all three lists, until you distill the essential qualities of your brilliance.

4. Share your Top 3 qualities on the blog post below and claim your brilliance!

Remember that this is not a linear exploration. Trust the journey and enjoy the process.

Image:  A New Path, Jurvetson


Be Your Brand

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