March 14


What To Do When Your Systems Break Down

In the Fall of 2012 I started a paid business mastermind group, at the suggestion of my business mentor. This was a very popular method to ensure recurring income in coaching and consulting circles. It freed you from product launches and joint ventures, models that were taxing to your mailing lists. Everyone tires of constant offers. It was something I had resisted for a while but since I had chosen to work with my own 5-figure business mastermind group I decided to forge ahead and try something new.

I gathered a small group of folks from my community that put their hands up for this adventure and set off. From the very beginning the group never gelled, and that's how I ‘work.' I also started noticing how unhappy I was with the level of availability to my business mentor in my own group. As my own discontent with my mastermind group and business mentor grew, my group started disintegrating (for various reasons). No coincidence, right?

My mastermind group was only one-month old but I decided to cancel it, to the  surprise of many in the group. It was too painful to continue. I couldn't do the group if everyone wasn't fully in it. It upset the apple cart of my recurring income, but it freed me from something that was not aligned. This choice was not easy. It was a turning point, a return to me.

The Universe had my back again. Two months later my personal and professional world were turned upside down by the fire that occurred in my home. It's been a wild ride but I've released SO many models, structures and systems: family systems, business models and systems, home structures and more.

I'm not saying I'd never host a business mastermind again. I might. I would ensure its sourced from the right place next time: the fullness of my being, not an income strategy.

When you're an Evolutionary Adventurer your path is your own. That's good news!

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Morning Musing

Monetization does not only mean marketing funnels that lead to products then profits which we use to finance a lifestyle. It's all about the quality of the energy exchange. My energy is maximally engaged live. I've heard it from many participants and feel this way too. There's something to the live calls. Perhaps it's the feel of the group synergy. It's powerful and palpable.

Maybe that's why I haven't gotten it done when it comes to packaging these events as products. But is that really true? Couldn't I just dedicate a day to putting all the recordings up on a page, compiling the writing into a playbook, and put it up on my site? I know it's ideal to have a sales page and marketing materials but could I just put it up there and tweak it? Of course, I can. So my goal this week is to get one product in the works. I'm not saying it will be complete this week, but I will dedicate a day to it this week and see how far I get.

I also get that monetization isn't only about creating products, as I mentioned earlier. There are other ways that I can create cash flow. I can offer my coaching and consulting services or create a one-day workshop. Those are both methods that are aligned with how I work best. Deep and direct.

I recognize that I've created a body of work – alone and with others – that is helpful for those who want to navigate the evolutionary adventure creatively and consciously. Why shouldn't I make it more available? I have loads of content that continues to be timely. I know because of the traffic I get from social media alone to my websites. So I'm going to play with free and fee. I feel strongly that transformation resources be readily available for those in need, regardless of ability to contribute in the moment. And there are many, many ways that exchange occurs. It's not always on a timeline.

I'm not throwing out the baby with the bath water here. There are still elements of models and systems I've used before in my business that I can tweak and continue to use. However, I can no longer use systems and models that override my energy and inner knowing.


Money is an energy exchange. When you're aligned with the brilliance of your natural flow it's a natural outcome. When energy exchange adds to your life it creates a positive outflow that arises as money, opportunities, etc. It takes infinite forms but it feels abundant. It is an outflow.

When you've stuffed your creative essence into a model – someone else's path to success – it's not always as richly rewarding. When you dismiss the ineffable quality of you, you constrict your energy in order to accommodate someone else's. In the end, it's not the wisest thing to do. You can really only be yourself.

Nothing can deter you from this inevitable encounter. You can have it on your death bed, on your sick bed or you can dive into the abundance from which you are sourced right now. This is not something anyone can teach you or give you. This is a solo journey. You must take the adventure to the center of your being.

When your systems breakdown, come back home. Check in and see which path is the one for you. If there is no path, carve your own.

Happy trails, honey! It is SO worth it.


Image: Snowscape, Jerry Jones


Morning Musing

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