January 6


What Is True?

By Adela Rubio

January 6, 2008

Truth cannot be defined, although it can certainly be experienced. But experience is not a definition. A definition is made by the mind, experience comes  through participating. Osho

Truth is someone's TRUE, frozen in time. What's true for you, now? Are you actively engaged in the exploration of your own connection to what's true?

The only way to know is to conduct your own investigation. Direct experience is the launching pad for your own layer of reality.

Nothing and no one speaks ‘your true,' only you. Engage the alivening ripples of Source that sparkle your essence into effervescent streams of Being.

Sparkle on!

~ ~ ~


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  1. After Sunday’s call I took on speaking truth in my relationship transition – basically that there was no going back. Long, deep, lots more truth telling, sadness, loudness, heartness and I stayed solid and in my truth, both dancing with and being gentle with my (on the way to former) partner and staying in my truth. Very, very big and your zhooshes, both Sunday and the days leading up are in the foundation of my solidness and bigness with this.


  2. Ah, Adela! I have just listened to the recording of Day 4. What deliciousness for the soul. I have such wonderful images of you dancing the flamenco in full costume, sparks flying from your heels in each life asserting stamp. Flames of love and hope searing from your finger tips in each moment of this wonderful dance of connection. You are such a gift to the world.


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