September 21


What a Passion Project Can Do For Your Business

By Adela Rubio

September 21, 2012

Do you believe in the magic of passion?

I know that  passion has the ability to transform your energy into something more powerful than 1+1 =2.

When you add PASSION to the mix, you create momentum, you create magnetism,  you create something much bigger than you!

I want to share what my friend and colleague Laura West is up to! Laura is truly a Passionista in action!  She is helping women entrepreneurs all over the world launch their Passion Projects!

What IS a Passion Project?

I LOVE how Laura frames the  idea of a passion project!

“A passion project is something you're excited about. You might even have
a ‘secret smile' when you think about. It's not a ‘should' project, it's a ‘wish
I would project.' It's probably full of lots of joy/fear . . . exciting and scary,
at the same time.”
   ~ Laura West

The business owners featured in the video worked on creative and focused projects for 30 days  – not “should do” projects but ones which would move their businesses forward! Ones they were REALLY excited about!Watch her video as she shares their 30 Day Passion Project Success Stories!

These women entrepreneurs created new programs, found their true voices, created videos, claimed their success, put boards up at Pinterest, captured media attention,  designed new websites, explored their creative power and published books, blogs, ebooks and a whole lot more! Let me share some of them…

Wouldn't YOU  like to be a success story? You can still join October's 30 Day Passion Project!

I got MY Passion Project – how about YOU? Make sure to post your Passion Project below…

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