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Welcome to the BIG Shifts Adventure!

Program Details

The BIG Shifts event is an energetic approach to creating awareness – and BIG Shifts – through awakening your Essence with the power of aligned community.  If you want to shift things fast, a focused experience and community will create a quantum leap.

  • We meet weekdays for 21 days, with weekends off. We begin on Monday, July 29th, and end on Monday, August 26th.
  • Monday through Friday, you'll receive brief daily emails with link's to the day's message and access info to the bridgeline and webcast.
  • The call officially begins at 9:30 am ET.  Calls last 20-30 minutes. Feel free to show up 5 minutes early to meet and greet new and old friends.

There are 3 warm up calls to line up your
BIG Shifts Intention,
Vision and Agreements.

Take a moment right now to co-create
the juiciest playground for the adventure.

Create Your BIG Shifts Intention

writingroughYou know that hanging out with high vibing players will shift your frequency instantly, yes? Yes!

When your frequency shifts, potential is perfectly poised to grace your world.

Here's what to do next to co-create maximum flow:

1. Set your intention. Close your eyes, relax into your center and allow your intention to arise from the depth of your being.

2. Energize it. Imagine as much detail about your intention as possible. Breathe it into being. Imagine that your exhale is creating the pathway to this outcome. Walk onto the path.

3. Capture the essence of your intention in your journal. Writing is one of the best ways to shift energy and it actually re-wires your brain. It's a manifestation tool. Do it.

4. Post your intention as a comment below. The BIG Shifts event is an act of collaborative power. The more that you add your energy to the adventure, the more magical the outcome for ALL participants.

This simple exercise will create a more expansive experience. You'll be wow'ed by what will occur over the next 21 days as you become intentional about co-creating your world.


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