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Welcome to an online oasis to engage and explore your authentic essence, share your creative projects, and connect with a creative community. If you're a coach, creative, or change agent, you're in the right place!

Welcome to the Circle

It's a pleasure to have you in our community. I've been online since 2000 so I'm familiar with the dance. If you registered for one of my complimentary resources, click the button below.

Ready to get your message out online? Check out our resources: 

Unleash Your Wildly Creative Essence

I've been doing this for about 20 years and have seen how wildly creative we can be. Isn't it time for you to unleash your Wild Creatrix/Creator?

Launch Your Creative Projects

The secret to being wildly creative is to always be creating. I'll share my 4-step process for launching your creative projects

Collaborate on Events + Programs

Collaboration is how you share your creative projects fast. I have hosted 36 virtual events + programs. Let me show you how to do it! (And I'll invite you to play on my creative projects, too!)

Guided Visualizations

I am a big fan of practices that open you to your infinitely creative nature. Guided visualizations are part of my daily practice. I create visualizations dynamically and have hundreds for you to peruse.

BIG Shifts

I experienced a house fire in 2013, but am no stranger to life turning everything upside and starting over. I've hosted two events, and created a program, on BIG Shifts. Here are some tips, tools, and strategies to get you through wildly changing times with ease and grace.

Effective Productivity Tools

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Develop Focus & Mindset

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connect and collaborte.

Wild Creatrix Community

We have an amazing community of creatives, coaches, and change agents. I post additional resources + there are always delicious conversations.

Adela Rubio

About Adela Rubio

Adela Rubio is a Writer, Circle Facilitator and Virtual Event Host. She creates experiences that spark your creative essence and unleash your innate Wild Creatrix. She’s hosted writing circles for 15+ years and is a long-time journal writer and blogger.

Her introspective nature led to journaling as a child. Yeah, she was that kid! Coaching and creative collaboration go hand-in-hand for her. She loves exploring the inner world and re-framing experiences to invite personal evolution. The container of a sacred circle weaves wondrous magic!

Adela has hosted and produced 36 virtual events, with hundreds of partners and thousands of participants, for the sheer joy of sharing her creative essence and eliciting yours.

From the Podcast

Adela Rubio

When I put out the call for interviews with my writing circle

Adela Rubio

In a world that seems more fractured  every day, how do you

Adela Rubio

What if creativity is not an environment-dependent phenomenon or reliant on the

Adela Rubio

Storytelling is an essential skill to rewrite your experience. You probably already

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