April 20


Upgrade Your Choices

By Adela Rubio

April 20, 2008


The quality of your choices are dictated by your state of  Being. Adela Rubio

If you keep making choices from your current mindset not much will shift. The next time you're at a choice point try this out:

1. Breathe, relax, expand until you are as big as the multiverse, in all ways. Feel yourself containing ALL of it. Sense it FULLY in your body and in your ‘energy.'

2. Notice the landscape of your choice at the micro level. Really slow down and get its every nuance, texture and flavor. If it were a flower you'd notice the tiny veins on the petals, the enticing aroma, and the fuzzy feel of the stalk between your fingers.

3. Notice the scope of your choice at the macro level. Zoom way out to the MOST expanded perspective that you can envision. Imagine that your choice is like a point on a map. See the different routes leading to and from it, become
aware of any natural landmarks, notice the rest stops along the way and even who you're likely to meet.

4. Now breathe in ALL perspectives – known and unknown – feel yourself fully containing them all. Feel yourself superconnected to everything until you are out in the cosmos with your BEING fully grounded in your expansiveness. Notice a tear in the fabric of the cosmos and watch as the bubbles of possibilities make their way towards you.

5. There is ONE that is most compelling, most engaging, most magnetic. Allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in YOUR bubble of possibility and notice what is here for you right now.

Bet you'll get a totally different take than you normally would. Welcome to your expanded Presence. You have landed in the world of Magicalize the Now.

Image: Smoke Lotus, Linh Ngan

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