June 28


Unleash Your Wild Infinite Genius

By Adela Rubio

June 28, 2019

Is it true that genius people are few and far between, a rare occurrence? Meet Soleira Green, Quantum Coach and Author, and get ready to consider an even more extraordinary experience.

Everyone has genius. Even if someone thinks they don't. They do.

Soleira Green

The chat was, like Soleira, dynamic! We explored:

  • What is genius and wild infinite genius
  • The ‘real world' vs the ‘genius world'
  • How it looks when you live as genius
  • How to unleash your wild infinite genius (experiential)

We have a multiplicity of genius talent within us.

Soleira Green

Video Chat with Soleira Green: Unleash Your Infinite Wild Genius

You’re a limitless Creatrix. . . . constantly wildly creating.

Soleira Green

GIFT: Get Soleira's Genius Game Program

Soleira also provided free access to The Genius Game Program. Thanks, Soleira! It includes videos and a PDF ebook on The Genius Game.

You can also get the Kindle or paperback version of The Genius Game at Amazon.

Be bold. Don’t hesitate, especially with putting out your creations. Put it out.

Soleira Green

Photo by Skye Studios on Unsplash

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