Call #1: Explore Your Life Themes

What are the issues in your every day world that press your buttons, bring you to life, and stir your soul? Think of the recurring themes in your world. Because your themes come from your personal pain they fire you up. Your themes are your WHY. Your themes fuel your movement.

Call #2: Master Your Memes

Next we’ll explore the memes you’ve mastered in your world. Since you’ve been personally impacted by the ‘less than themes’ you have personal experience in overcoming them. Your response to these themes are the memes you’ve created around them. These are recurring ideas on how to shift your themes. It’s YOUR answer to that problem or challenge. How did you DO it? How do you do it now that you’ve had more practice in overcoming it? Your memes activate change for yourself and others.

Call #3: Craft Your Winning Environment

What BIG Shifts would be possible if you were fully aware of your gifts and your contribution? The quickest way to create this kind of movement is to create an environment that supports increased awareness. Nothing will create greater clarity than to surround yourself with others who are on for the adventure of awakening. You’ll get who you are - and what your gifts are - a lot quicker around others that see your brilliance. Your environment is key in unleashing your power and possibility. Let’s explore the specifics of what that is for you.

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