October 24


Unhooking From Habits

By Adela Rubio

October 24, 2008

Limiting Beliefs

To fall into a habit is to begin to cease to be. Miguel de Unamuno

Habits are convenient and, at times, economical. They automate routine functions and streamline activity. Habits are not necessarily bad, it's just when they're unexamined that they may cause problems.

What worked yesterday may not necessarily be the answer to today? This is where ingrained ways of doing things can sometimes undermine your best intentions.

Just as you are a dynamic being, as ALL of life is, the things you do should arise organically from your being. So . . . habits can take you only so far. In the realm of evolution and personal discovery they are often a lodestone.

Today, notice what habits no longer serve the BEING that is before you. Unleash and unhook from what was and tune into what IS!

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