August 7


Touch this Moment

By Adela Rubio

August 7, 2005


The touch of this moment is filled with wonder
and that feels hopeful and true.
It is a bridge that I cross more often today.

When I feel distraught I connect to what IS
and notice how my breath sticks in certain places.
When I feel pain I connect to who I am being
and pick up the disowned pieces of me that I have thrust upon another.
When I feel sadness I connect to  feeling
Opening for what is truly real.
I am a glorious spark of light, a channel for all that is –
I choose love and peace and that is who I am.

The wonder of the present moment fills me with awe.
It is the portal to infinity. It is the gateway to life.
It is the bridge to the extraordinary.

I course the rushing waves of my experiences
Knowing that life weaves its tapestry
in my every moment, my every breath, my every word.

The touch of this moment is filled with wonder.
It fills me with life!

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