October 28


The Weave of Perfection

By Adela Rubio

October 28, 2008


Perfection is a wicked web to weave, especially for yourself.

Since everything is always in movement how can you define perfection? It is a hamster wheel of disappointment and discouragement. Mostly it depletes you and disconnects you from the vibrant life force that is actively at play.

You see, when weaving a blanket, an Indian woman leaves a flaw
in the weaving of that blanket to let the soul out. 
Martha Graham

Perfection, as a goal, is an illusion of control and containment, quite contrary to what's true in creation. Magnificence and beauty occur throughout creation when something is what it IS! There is no effort involved, no to do list that needs to be checked off. There is no longing for attainment but a quiet surrender to the majesty of one's organic nature.

Just as a babbling brook or a meadow of flowers are perfect in their natural state, so are you perfectly pulsing the essence of life.

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Brought to you by Adela Rubio, Visionary Mentor and Coach.

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