May 6


The Unknown Adventure

By Adela Rubio

May 6, 2008


On the surface, it appears that fear is the big barrier to victory. In fact, it's the unwillingness to line up with what's true. The key question is not how to avoid uncertainty and fear, but how to relate to the discomfort of navigating thru it.

How can you reframe the experience so that you willingly engage it openly and unreservedly?

A warrior accepts that we can never know what will happen to us next. The truth is that we can never avoid uncertainty. This not knowing is part of the adventure. Pema Chodron

Here's another way to look at it . . . 

Do you prefer to relate to life directly and responsibly, or do you choose to live in fear and in denial of your natural potential?

Fear is ALWAYS the tip of leadership. It is life asking you to lead. It is creation asking for your direct participation and partnership. It is the signpost to the YES!

All you need to do is notice the painful emotions, the places where you're stuck, the arenas where you hold yourself in check and fade into the background. Where are the playgrounds where you are in ‘less than' vs ‘what's next' mode?

Lean into EVERY situation that evokes more LIFE from you, more engagement, more aliveness. Don't cave in and back away from the possibility sprinkled at your footsteps. Walk among the starlight and BE the light of the world.

Your Brilliance is Blinding!

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