June 22


The Transformative Power of Anger

By Adela Rubio

June 22, 2009


Remember the last time you were angry . . . How would your life be different if you could access that energy to inform your actions? Many of us were trained to believe that anger is a negative emotion. It was something to be denied, suppressed, or ignored. We were taught to hide it from others and also from ourselves. It wasn’t nice, it wasn’t good. Maybe you used the power of anger to justify your expression in the world, regardless of how it affected others. Either extreme has its consequences. Neither one embraces anger powerfully and authentically.

What if it anger held the seed of tremendous power? What if we approached emotions in general as e-motion – energy in motion? What if our bodies, in their immense intelligence, were trying to stir us into awareness and that ‘awareness’ was information about your passion?

Most of us deal with anger as an effect, instead of examining the cause or the meaningful message that it carries. We’re taught to suppress, ignore, hide, or channel it. Sometimes we come up with elaborate coping mechanisms. We’ve been taught about anger from the perspective of surface information – like the iceberg, you don’t have the complete picture. How do we find out what’s really going on? How do we get the FULL picture of it?

One of the quickest ways to gain access to this knowing is through your body, it has access to information that you might not be consciously aware of yet. The KNOWING that I speak of is not the intellect. It is an expanded awareness. In this space there’s no grasping, no needing, no have to, got to. Everything just IS . . . it’s the dance of energy.

How do you access this awareness? The first step is to suspend disbelief and entertain the following thoughts:

  • You’re not just tiny specks of matter, being tossed in the sea of your emotions. You’re actually vast energies of consciousness and creation.
  • Awareness happens in a simple breath and with it comes all that you want to know, do or be. The simple exercise of breathing, relaxing and expanding your energy field will connect you to this space.

Let’s further suppose that anger, as well as any other emotion, is – energy in motion. It’s our body’s innate intelligence telling us that something new is stirring. From this perspective, what if anger is the tip of passion. I mean think about it . . . Why would you be angry if you didn’t care deeply about something or someone?

The major problem that we encounter here is our thoughts and beliefs. These are the energetic boxes that trap us. The good news is that we now exist in a fascinating reality – no one is fully right or wrong. We live in a time where beliefs hold a lot less power over our lives. There is an inborn fluidity to belief systems now – you have the ability to easily adapt and morph into new ways of being. You can choose the perspective that provides an empowering interpretation. You can open up to new ways of perceiving and position yourself to embrace your powerful potential.

Take a moment to think about what angers you most – what gets you really fired up and fuming? Are there any themes, connections or thru-lines? Ask yourself, what is really happening here?

If you’re angry, you can breathe, relax and expand to go beyond your current vantage point of seeing what it’s really all about. You can tune into the greater picture. Most people shrink their energy fields when they get angry. You can choose the path of power and choose to expand and become something more.

What physical or energetic urgings are creating the situation in the first place? What is the bigger picture that it is pointing to? What are you deeply passionate about? Would you say that you are ‘living your passion’? Why not, what gets in the way?

Passion is the fuel for your vision. It’s the rocket fuel for your dreams. It’s what makes things come alive and creates movement. Anger is the film that covers your passion – it’s the shadow of it. If your passion is not there – it’s because you’ve been constricting your energy field or you may be going through a shift of passion and vision, moving to something completely brand new. Be willing to allow your passion to dance, evolve and grow – allow what WANTS to happen..

The paradigm shift that I urge you to play with is that you are not a small human being with problems to solve but a vast being with incredible contributions to make. You are living consciousness . . . the more you expand, the more present you become. The emotion of anger holds the key to connecting to your passion. Expand, connect and embrace your magnificence – life yearns to be expressed through you!

Image: Screamin, D Carlbom

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  1. Yes, Adela! May the Divine-in-all-things bless you for writing this! Yes, yes.

    In TCM (Trad Chinese Medicine) the passion-anger-blood-springtimeenergy-goingforth (etc) energy meridian is one and the same (the Liver channel!) When we allow our disgust of our own anger to “calm” us, our passion goes away, our blood begins to cool and we (literally) are fading away.

    When we find ways to be using the passion meridian to do its work we can explore magnificent (and sometimes explosive) experiences to fill us with that amazing energy – most of us know it – when two people meet and there’s no way to put on the brakes ….. Thank God(dess) for this aspect of our lives! And thank you for talking and writing about it!
    Bless you!


  2. I completely agree. I really understand what your getting at here. I care for my family but my new step brother picks o. My little brother and I and has no respect for my dad. And my stepmom backs my step brother up! I care for them deeply so I defend them but I am not the “fighting type” so he just beats me up. This might help me defend my honor and family, thank you.

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