February 18


The Sheer Dance of Life

By Adela Rubio

February 18, 2011


What if you allowed the movement of life to shape and inform you, instead of resisting the tsunami force of infinite intelligence orchestrating opportunities on your behalf?

If there's one thing I've noticed in the time I've been on the adventure, it's that resistance is futile. Surrender, on the other hand, is a graceful and empowering partnership where you open to possibility.

What you're surrendering is not your essence, nothing can touch that and life only conspires with you in its unleashing. What you're surrendering are your judgments and assumptions … what you believe to be true.

The primary tool to free your essence, to relinquish the flotsam and jetsam of programmed conditioning, is to witness EVERYTHING … your thinking, your actions.

You don't have to do anything, you have just to sit silently doing nothing, because any kind of doing is going to take you away from yourself. When you are not doing anything, the whole energy gathers inside; it is not invested anywhere.

This abundance of energy gives you the first taste of existence, and as this energy becomes a pillar of tremendous height and depth, you have found the connection with the cosmos. You are no longer alone. In fact, you are no more, only existence is. Then the existence, the cosmos, the life, is a sheer dance. Osho

Osho speaks to witnessing on three levels: action of the body, thoughts of the mind, feelings of the heart. Once you become aware of these three things, you reach the very center of your being, your essence, and it is the greatest bliss in existence. There is nothing above it.

That's not to say that moments of muck don't occur. They do! But they no longer have the power to sway your senses in the illusion of separation, they have no permanent residence in your being. Like a circus caravan you gaze at the oddity as it passes you by, momentarily entertained but personally unaffected.

Wherever you are on the adventure, today give thanks for the sheer ecstasy of this dance. Life is precious and so are YOU!

Image: Belly Dancer Extra-ordinaire, Tibchris

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