May 23


The Primary Role of Love

By Adela Rubio

May 23, 2008


The primary roles of LOVE are not to heal, fix, or mend. Not to soothe, cure, or ease. Not even to refresh, rejuvenate, or restore. Hardly. The primary roles of LOVE, are to “Yahoo!” “Yeehaa!” and “Whoohooo!” Mike Dooley

Love has SO many dimensions in which you can engage it. Today, engage Love from the Transformative state of Being. Love is your unique expression of life's creational essence. It is a wanting to be . . .

Love is your heart's pleasure finding its expression now. Love is your playful delight  in vibrant Being and Seeing. Love is your abundance of passion and vision, streaming and alivening. Love is your conscious connection to yourself and to ALL.  Love is your dynamic expression of  unique Essence.

Love just IS! It is the fabric of your being, the weaving of your world, it is everywhere. Like a cosmic pool of potential, it bubbles wondrous possibilities into your awareness as you come to dip more deeply IN it.

Fully immerse yourself in it and ‘your Yeeha' will find YOU!!

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