The Power of ONE to Get Things Done

Ever set a big intention, mapped it out and wound up in the wrong place? When you find yourself off the path, it's disconcerting to find your way back.

There are no missteps that aren't relevant to your desired outcome. As you move in the direction of your heart's desire you find your way to the next step in the grand design of your dreams. Make no mistake, you are the pulse of your vision. You are the one that infuses power into the blueprint of your creation. The grand architect orchestrates the cosmos, when you commit to your vision.

There's no quicker way to sabotage your intention than to give in to uncertainty at this stage of the game. Focus on what's wrong and you'll end up in a vortex of doubt and confusion. That focus cripples your ability to create. Activating a vision is a high frequency mission. It requires energy, especially energy mastery.

Energy mastery means deep experiential knowing. You don't take the world at face value. When things appear as if they are not working out, you hold your course and be the force.

Do You Have the Energy to Fuel Your Vision?

fuel your vision

When your vision has yet to materialize it may be that it's held hostage by your reality. This is pretty normal. It takes practice to flip from outer vision to inner vision. Hold the blueprint in your being until it begins to manifest. This is where you continue to act upon your vision, even though it is not here yet.

One of the barriers to making it real is that you don't have enough energy to fuel your vision. It's your passion, love, belief, yearning, and knowing that this is the way that will make it so. There are many areas in your world that can hamper life's exquisite expression. It's programmed thoughts and behaviors, particularly your limiting beliefs, that hold you back.

You may not even realize you've fallen prey to faulty programming. Assuming that old patterns still hold true, is one of the pitfalls on the adventure. Take heart. This is an ongoing process. When you're feeling stuck, see where you can free up your energy. Question those things that you do by rote. It takes energy to maintain habits. Review the ones to keep and relinquish the ones that drain you. You'll free up more energy to fuel your vision.

3 Things To Do When You've Lost Your Vision

The last thing you want to do when you've lost your way is to try to figure this out with more mindmaps and goals. When you've lost your connection to the driving force of your vision, you won't find it in your head. That's not where it lives. Here are three things to do to reconnect with your vision:

1. Connect to the Cosmic Network. Just like your nervous system has the ability to communicate with your body, you also have access to a cosmic connection. Access your innate wiring. Connect to All That Is, God, the Universe (whatever you conceive that to be). One of the easiest access points is your heart center. This is a physical, as well as an energetic, pathway. Here there is no problem,  no warring factions to discourage and derail your dream. This is where magic happens. Open to it.

2. Immerse Yourself in Your Vision. Every day luxuriate in one aspect of your vision. You don't have to spend hours in meditation, 5-10 minutes of focused visioning will do it. Dive into the details of your experience and linger in it. As you allow yourself to live it, it continues to unfold. Want to amplify the power of your vision? Write it out. Go the extra step and craft some potential scenes and play act them out. Your mirror is a wonderful activation tool.

3. Take ONE Step in the Direction of Your Vision. If you're not moved to act on your vision then you need to fine tune it until it's so irresistible that you can't wait to dive in. When your vision taps into your Essence it calls you into action. It's a flow, not a push. It doesn't matter whether it's a big step or a small step. Today, do ONE thing that moves you closer to that vision. Allow the unexpected, serendipitous nature of the adventure to guide you.

548770_18496229Your vision is not a static thing, but a living creation. Your initial vision may not be the one that unfolds. You and your vision shift as you bring it into being. What you think you want may be the starting point. Along the way you notice and know, and the unessential falls away. As you trust and fuel your vision it comes into being, like a figure walking out of the dense fog.

Remember a time when life coursed through you and moved you into being. You were in the right place, at the right time and the right ‘you' showed up. Remember the feel of the flow, the trust in the pause, the willingness to be anew, again and again. That's what it feels like to bring your vision to life.

the beat of your rhythm

to the pulse of your heart

the life in your wake

you're the living spark come to life

You are a force, made of the same elements as moonbeams and stardust. You are a unique blend of life, never seen and known before. Saturate your body and being with the certainty that you are a cosmic creation AND creator. This is essential for bringing your vision to life.

Remember… the power of one gets things done. Be the one. Do the one thing you haven't done before. You're the one who gets to make the change and be the shift. Dream on, darlings!


Adela Rubio

Adela Rubio writes and speaks on awakening your creative essence with the power of collaboration and community. She's hosted 25+ Women's Writing Circles, 30-Day Adventures, and Telesummits.

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