January 7


The Power Behind the Power

By Adela Rubio

January 7, 2008


Recognize the power of mind. Respect the power of mind. Recognize the Power behind the power, the ocean holding the wave.

Recognize yourself as the ocean, with your stories, your feelings, as waves. Waves can be beautiful or terrifying, but always they return to the ocean. Every wave always is made up of the ocean. No wave can ever be separate from the ocean. Waves of thoughts, waves of emotions, waves of sensations, waves of events, are all made up of consciousness. And all return to consciousness, while never being separate from consciousness.

And if this becomes another story, let this go, and see what is true. Gangagi
Art – Alex Grey

We are story makers, it is our nature to give meaning to shape the context of our lives. We do it ALL the time.

Let's create stories of magic and magnificence. Let's BE the story! And in BEING a new story, create a new world.

Starting a new fairy tale. . .

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