May 4


The Path of Least Resistance

By Adela Rubio

May 4, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts II


Remember a time when you found yourself in a circumstance or situation that was so difficult you wondered how you'd get to the other side. Did it get any easier as you went further into the experience? Or did it just spiral into a nightmare that you wished you'd never stepped into?

Part of the matrix of beliefs is that when you work really hard, you ‘earn' the fruits of your labors. Sticking with something and plowing through it, however, does not take into account whether you are engaged in aligned action.

Take the path of least resistance. There is always an easier, and probably better, way. Why force things, or yourself? Thomas Leonard

It can take a good amount of discernment to distinguish between moving through your own resistance vs forcing what is not yours to do. Take a moment to notice the feel of the two.

If you're honest with yourself you will know when you are in resistance. You'll immediately feel it once the realization hits you. You'll get that almost slightly embarrassed feeling that your willingness falls short of your responsibility.

What's true doesn't make you feel bad. You'll get it and open. Whatever you have to muster up your strength for is not in flow and not yours take on. Let it go. The path of least resistance opens your flow, your brilliance, your potential. Take that!

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  1. Thank you Adela, as is the way of the universe you (and all in the interconnectedness) gave me exactly what I needed. Normally, I would listen to the replay (in CA), but today I woke up at 5 and was still up at 5:25– I realized why and dialed in. I was feeling blocked up and tense and the shift this morning gave release (lots of tears) and lightness. I committed to approaching today from my heart and higher self and indeed following the past of least resistance!

    I am continually in the process of learning what is my resistance and what isn’t mine at all. Also distinguishing the difference in feeling between finding courage to play bigger and grow, and needing strength to face what isn’t mine (and consequently shifting direction).

    Thank you- big hug to all

  2. Yes to the path of least resistance! I know that when I have to work too hard at making something happen, I need to wait and/or release until the flow is easy and effortless.

    Sometimes, I’ve felt that I was not moving fast enough on some things that were presented to me yet it didn’t feel juicy and sparkly, so I left it alone. There is a reason for everything and constantly, I am reminded that my path is just that, my path.

    Thank you Adela for all that you share brilliantly!

  3. What I find when I am forcing something is that I get a strong and definitive questioning in my entire body that says:Why are you here? If I make it happen anyway, I get a lesson that is often less than pleasant.. If I withdraw and allow, that which is to come into the situation does so in a way that is for the highest good of all.

    on the shift this am: I sent LOVE and support and JOY to all . As we were in that part of the energy, birds came and rested within 20 feet of where I was standing and joined in our energy flow by adding their songs. Geese and hawks flew overhead, the bees came out in droves, and the owls sent their hoots down the valley! WOWZA!
    I released some fear around a house inspection and around finding new tenants for a rental property. Thanks for the verbalization of this ability to share my angst within the community and let them go! much lighter and SOARING in a state of confidence over those specific situations.

    namaste dear friends, nancyBe

  4. Embracing resistance is so essential for shifting experience. Your message makes this so clear as well as being ever mindful about where in our bodies we sense resistance as part of the dance or part of the struggle.
    Thanks so much for adding to my deeper understanding about noticing what I notice.

  5. I so appreciate your addressing this, Adela. It truly does take a lot of discernment, doesn’t it! I’m still learning how to discern in this regard. Part of what I notice is that if something won’t “let me go” there’s generally something there for me to open to and step in. Yet, sometimes it’s my ego that won’t let me go! The learning and letting go continues….

    Much love and gratitude to you for all the places that you shine your light!

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