July 25


The Path of Knowing

By Adela Rubio

July 25, 2007


The other day we were discussing enlightenment, death and freedom from attachment in one of the groups I belong to. Someone made the comment that detachment was like loving without caring for the end result and a conversation ensued around attachment to form – how things look on the outside – and on the reluctance of letting go of it.

Here's the perspective that surfaced for me:

Karma – the resolution of actions that have been set into motion in the movement of balancing energy – is something that is resolved as you become ‘enlightened’.

Now what if we have moments of ‘enlightenment’ (seeing ‘what’s TRUE’) on our journey to the big shebang of ENLIGHTENMENT? And it’s not so much that we don’t care but that we KNOW the underlying truth of something so we don’t get energetically entangled in it all. That may LOOK to someone else as if we don’t care or are detached but it’s that there’s no charge pulling us into the movement because it has been resolved by the experience of what’s TRUE. It's simply the road to enlightenment.

Image: Vairochana, Wonderlane

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