The New Paradigm of Public Speaking: How Brain Research Is Going to Help Us Change the World

Brain-Sticky Communications Expert

We are carrying ancient cultural influences into our speaking and presenting that negatively impact our businesses and reputations–but more importantly, fail to change the world. As we move into a new time, with bigger and bigger missions, these influences must go–to be replaced by a new, sometimes uncomfortable, way. WARNING: For Renegades Only.

Lizabeth Phelps, founder of Inspired Leadership Training, has achieved national attention for her proprietary system for getting revolutionary results from the platform–based on the latest brain-research. In addition to helping coaches, speakers, authors and other conscious experts develop the most original and advanced on-stage speaking skills so they successfully change the world, she also teaches them to deliver off-stage, business messages that stand apart from all others and create urgency to buy.

Public Speaking Training Event in NJ
– A revolutionary public speaking training for coaches, authors, seminar leaders and other experts with BURNING missions – and the determination to be the best in their field at communicating their message. Great bonuses include: 2-minute video taken by Lou Bortone, lunch for both days and 45 minute private consultation with Lizabeth. 

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