September 7


The Light of Presence

You know those moments where there is an immense emptiness that hollows out the extraneous in your life? What if that were a good thing? What if only what's real, what's true, were meant to fill you?

The familiar groove of orienting around what disappoints you, can be quite comfortable. Often you are not fully aware of how hooked in you are to expectations and justifications. What if the moments where you felt ‘someone let you down' or ‘things didn't go your way' were an opportunity to ‘reorient reality?' What if those ARE the moments where what's true is knocking at the door, asking you to let her in?

The light of presence is often wrapped in the seduction of your darkness. Embrace the compelling nature of what calls you out of the shadows and into the truth of your light.

Enlightenment means: you become only a presence, and that very presence is the truth. There are not two persons — the finder and the found. The seeker has dissolved, and what has remained is just a pure awareness with no identity, with no personality, with no ego. This very presence is truth. There is no other truth than your awareness. Osho

Image: Nylea's Presence, Ralph Horsley


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