May 13


The Illusion of Sensitivity

By Adela Rubio

May 13, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts II, Highly Aware

When tears come,
I breathe deeply and rest.

I know I am swimming in a
hallowed stream where many
have gone before.

I am not alone, crazy, or
having a nervous breakdown.

My heart is at work,
my soul is awake.

Mary Margaret Funk

Heartfulness can sometimes be perceived as a weakness. This capacity to feel deeply and profoundly can seem like an open wound.

A careless word, a slight dismissal, can often be felt as rejection of one's self and can shatter the foundations of your world. It can even move you into isolation, where a false sense of safety lures you into separation.

What if this feeling deeply, this highly aware nature of yours were not about you, personally? What if that's the problem? What if  this highly aware nature were your vehicle of service to life?

Your ability to feel, sense and know the slightest ripple meant that you were the one to wield it, to shift the possibility, to move this moment into more? What if this were your power and not your problem?

Highly aware beings have a responsibility to life. You feel more, you sense more, you know more.

Assume the mantle of sanity! Imagine yourself as a boundless being, untouched by the mundane surface disturbances of ‘apparent reality' and choose the reality that lives in your heart.

Own your expanded bandwidth of perception and be the one who brings the power of en-lighten-ment everywhere you go.

Image: Port-140, Victor Bezrukov

Listen to the replay…

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  1. Thank you, Adela, and everyone on this call.
    Beyond words, I found an awakening within. A warmth that I remember from early childhood. There was an awareness in my being that “kept me separate”. I found the need to move within the framework of the “allowed knowing”, while keeping my dance of the intuitive alive. Somewhere in my later adult years, I have disallowed the music of the dance, and at the same time placed my passions, which are fed by intuition, outside of my joyous “circle of personhood and empowerment.” love you all!

  2. Adela was on her cell phone today and there is no recording. IT is just right even though the shift is certainly one that many of us would savor the gift of a replay. However, things are and today was. Before Adela’s arrival, we shared lots of giggles and thoughts about new definition for PMS . We also shared passing of the energy. In drama, this is done in “circle” before the opening of the show. . All participants cross hands and join with those adjacent and form a circle. If permitted a candle is lit. It is truly a sacred space. Usually the director offers a shift of some sort. The director starts the passing of energy by squeezing the hand of the person to the left, that person squeezes back to acknowledge receipt of the gift and passes it on to the left. At some point , the energy comes back to the Director.. There is again some moments of silence which allows this energy which has grown and grown and grown to settle . In my daughter’s circles, she then starts the yell” ST Genesius(patron saint of actors and fools) Pray for US! ” This yell is often so loud that it is heard in the audience auditorium..
    Today, we passed the energy amongst our wonderful group. We knew it because many of had chills and tears! and then we cheered in celebration! It was a most special spontaneous action… and it was definitely shared with all in this community and not just those who made it to the call..Truly we are blessed!
    namaste dear friends

  3. I am upset. I was not able to be part of the call this morning. I tried to listen to the replay and all I hear is silence. In a way, very fitting.

    In the past year I have opened up to the idea of this gift. And now I see and know how I can help others with this gift. I am blessed.

    Even though I could not hear the replay, thank you!

  4. thank you everyone for sharing that you are feeling in the same space as I am today. I wasn’t going to join the call because I was having a really bad PTSD episode and I was feeling like I would “infect the energy” of my most precious group to my heart these days. I really was feeling isolated in my darkness, but in your lowered energy states were able to reach me and pull me out of there. I’m feeling like I am in a more normal level of feeling now, and there are no depth of words that can express my gratitude for your “crunchiness” today. Blessings to you all and warmest hugs 🙂

  5. It’s so wonderful to be at this perspective, thanks to all for your insight in the call today. Love and blessings, Sharon.

  6. When one does not respond as NancyBe describes, the resulting separation is more profound. The good news is that increasing awareness immediately points out the separation and that we/I am not the ‘victim’ of the encounter. I think sometimes we allow the rejection in to ‘negative space’ the light…to remind and remember how far we’ve come. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it:)

  7. OMG thanks I am w/o words to adequately express my deep appreciation for you, for what you’ve created, for en-lighten-ment and for connecting w each of us and us w each other–this so describes me. My commitment is to fully accept being overly sensitive and the gift that it is. Now I have this post as an extra support.
    In gratitude.

  8. I have always considered myself blessed to be “overly sensitive”.. It is a gift that allows me to sense others and offer support in some fashion. It is a sign to others of my strong and passionate feelings about so much of life. My inner spring often over-flows with LOVE ! JOY ! EXCITEMENT ! GRATITUDE ! AMAZEMENT ! WONDER ! From intense passion comes growth, insight, clarity, boundless IN-ergizing connection. WOWZA!

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