December 11


The Gratitude Effect

You most likely have heard of the ‘Mozart Effect.' There's been plenty of research that Mozart's music delivers all kinds of benefits, from improved creativity and clarity to raising your IQ.  In the field of positive psychology, there have also been some interesting studies. Gratitude also has an effect, and unlike Mozart's Effect, it lasts more than 15 minutes.

It's affirming to know that perennial wisdom endures even the trying times. It embodies what's true, which is the thru line running through your life, the warp, and the woof of everyday moments.

Here are three areas of your life, that will experience the Gratitude Effect:

1. Who You Are. You come to discover yourself as never before: the profusion of light, love, and Life! A capacity to easily let go and lighten up; to enjoy and be in joy. You'll come to discover the infinite ways in which you gift the world; the difference you make and being YOU shifts everything.

2. How You Relate. You come to know that there is NO separation between you and anything. Everything and everyone will sparkle with aliveness and potential. You discover the infinite expression of Source and relish each and every one. You marvel at the infinite nuances of partnership and how it's SO much more to play with others who share an aligned intention.

3. What's True. You come to experience the heartbeat of Life, the pulsation of Source as it breathes and brings you into being. You understand that the come and the go are wondrous and exciting to experience, but your Essence rests in the Embrace of the stillness of spaciousness. There is nothing for you to do, nothing to be, you ARE a miracle and your Life is a wondrous experience.

Once you experience the quantum shifts in these 3 areas, everything in your life changes. As the bandwidth of your understanding and experience evolve. So do you. That's how shifts happen!

Image by Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay


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