March 15


Tuning In to Now

By Adela Rubio

March 15, 2009

Energy, Practice

Take several 1 minute awareness breaks throughout the day to just BE!!!!!  For just one minute find a still space and allow your breathing to slow down, tune into the beating of your heart. Close your eyes and notice the sounds that surround you. Notice how your body feels. Bring your full presence into the moment and engage all of your senses in how wondrous it is to be you, right here, right now.

Play around with different physical spaces – indoor, outdoor, alone, around people. Experiment and notice any differences. Are there some that elicit this space effortlessly? Which are your favorites?

When I do this there seems to be more time, my energy lifts immediately, a smile comes to my face, my shoulders drop and my heart feels immense. I feel good about being me, being alive and have an overflowing amount of energy to share. I'd love to hear what happens for you.

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