June 26


The Chemistry of True

By Adela Rubio

June 26, 2008


As we change the way we feel about what's happened to us in our past, we change the chemistry of our bodies in the present. Gregg Braden

We've all READ about the studies and experiments that illustrate that there is no past or present, only the NOW. (If you haven't, Lynne McTaggart has covered them exhaustively in her book, The Field.) There are also volumes written on the effect of belief and emotions on the body.

Here's your opportunity to do your own investigation. Resentments, anger and judgments about anything or anyone clearly don't serve your well-being. Try this:

Breathe, Relax, Expand – inwardly and outwardly – in all spaces and places and beyond. Energetically tune into an experience that you've viewed from a negative perspective. Notice what other streams of reality are also present? Go deeper and notice what's TRUE.

Since there is no such thing as time – past or present – whatever has happened is totally accessible and available to you now. Of course, you must believe that this is possible . . .

Do your own experiment and find out for yourself.

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