June 19


The Call of Co-Creation

By Adela Rubio

June 19, 2008


Our individual choices combine to become our collective reality. Gregg Braden

What's more, imagine if you engaged every moment with the import that it truly has? Every choice is like a drop in the cosmic ocean that creates the more for ALL. Not only are your individual choices important for your own evolution but they are part of a collective weave that we share in. Your choice is not only for YOU, it is gifted to ALL.

What do you need to engage this moment in it's full vibrancy? Do you need to feel the contrast of loss or ‘less than?' Can you feel the spiral of leading energy that beckons you to taste the alivening waters?

We are all lead to BE the energy of creation in very unique and specific ways. The moment is now to be it, tomorrow is an illusion. There is no ‘later' or ‘soon' when it comes to the call of co-creation. It is ALWAYS on offer.

Where is your YES?

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