January 26


The Awakening Tribe

By Adela Rubio

January 26, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts I

As I bask in the beauty of our time together I can feel the paradox of completion and new beginnings.

Our 30 days have come to a close and a new adventure awaits.

Notice where you were when you began and tap into the shift of Being that has occurred.

Awakening is available in every moment. You have only to choose the energy of your Boundless Being and open to the magic of this moment. You are already everything beautiful, brilliant and bold.

A real Master is not a teacher: a real Master is an awakener. His function is totally different from a teacher; his function is far more difficult. And only very few people can stay with a Master because to wake up after millions of lives is not an ordinary feat; it is a miracle. And to allow somebody to wake you up needs great trust, great surrender. Osho

I don't presume to be a Master, but I certainly aspire to be an awakener. It is my deepest joy and honor to have traveled thirty days with such an extraordinary tribe of adventurers. Your willingness to explore your edge, to open to “YES” and to connect profoundly has given rise to a more conscious community. Together we have seeded a vision into reality. Thank you for your seeing and your being. I know, that in your own unique way, each one of you is of  the Awakening Tribe.

Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for the gift of YOU.


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Image: Orphic Awakening, Asage

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  1. Adela, I have been in and out of tears of joy today! And I sang a song for you on Shifra’s show tonight.
    Endless gratitude to you, Priestess of the Dawn! It is hard to express it to you personally, as there are no words, what your presence has done to bring me out, into boundlessness, into my essence, to remember me, to find community, to master my self care. And not just me – the whole Tribe!
    Thank you forever!
    In Peace, and Love, and Light!

    1. Tears of Joy, yes! Love it Sus. I am grateful to have gotten to know you and BE with you in the unleashing of your essence.

      It has been delightful to experience. Much love . . .

  2. Energy Shift – Day 30 – The Awakening Tribe!

    Just say “YES” & the Alphabet

    A – Say “YES” to Appreciate your Adventure by being Awesome, Alive, Available, Aware, Awake and Authentic
    B – Say “YES” to Boldly Breathe deep & Believe in your Beautiful Boundless Brilliance and Being
    C – Say “YES” to Consistently Create Consciously, Collective & Compassionate Communication
    D – Say “YES” to your Desires, Dreams, Durability & Discovery
    E – Say “YES” to Enthusiastically Explore, Engage & Expand your Energy, Essence and Enthusiasm to be Emotionally Enlightened
    F – Say “YES” to FEAR to Feel Fabulous, Fantastic, Fortunate and maybe even Funny
    G – Say “YES” to your Gusto, living your Greatness, Glistening and being Grateful
    H – Say “YES” to Health, Happiness, Honor, Hugs and Home
    I – Say “YES” to the Incredible, Irresistible and Inspirational you
    J – Say “YES” to being Jovial, Jubilant and Joyous
    K – Say “YES” to Kindness and being a Keepsake
    L – Say “YES” to Living Love & being Limitless
    M – Say “YES” to your Magical, Mystical and Marvelous Moments and Movements
    N – Say “YES” to “No-Thing-Ness”, Networking and Nirvana
    O – Say “YES” to Openness, Optimism, Opportunities and Original Observations (thought)
    P – Say “YES” to be Present and be a Painless Pathway to Possibility, Potential and maybe even Perfection
    Q – Say “YES” to the Quintessential and sometimes Quiet you
    R – Say “YES” to feel yourself Ripple the Reverent, Rebellious and Romantic in you
    S – Say “YES” to be Sensitive, Sincere, Sensational, Special and Sparkly in Song and Success
    T – Say “YES” to the Tribe by being Terrific, Tremendous, Transformational and Tantalizingly True
    U – Say “YES” to feeling Utopia by being Unconditional with the Universe
    V – Say “YES” to your Vehement, Viable and Voluminous Vibrations
    W – Say “YES” to Welcome the Willing, Wild, Wacky and Wonderful you
    X – Say “YES” to the “X”-treme!
    Y – Say “YES” to YOU & YOURS and Yoga too
    Z – Say “YES” just to be Zany and to get into the Zone

    Just say “YES” as much as you can!

    Peace be with you all!

    1. John,

      You ROCK way off the charts! We know have a language of YES and possibility. Brilliant, John! You have TOTALLY outdone yourself. I will separate this out as a separate post. AWESOME!!!!

      Much love!

  3. YES, YES, YES…I am so grateful for your grace, boundless energy and love that have poured through these 30 days. Life is an adventure that is more fun,more loving, more joyful when shared. I know my energy and creativity is rising. Thank you for being an inspiring leader!!! Love Love Love!!!

    1. Thank you, Karen.

      Boundless in your beauty and understanding, leading lovingly and openly, the world glistens with your promise as you step into your next.

      Love. Love. Love. and YES!

  4. The end IS the beginning and the treasures and pearls are here for all of us to continue the trail in oneness in our connection to each other and now we all shall move ahead in our own heightened consciousness in the universal shifting and as we have been moved to move we will and the acceleration is already happening. We are all shining brightly lighting up the whole world and bringing joy, peace, love and happiness…………….we ARE all magicians. Thankyou all for your magnificence. We are all richer for the last few weeks rejuvenated and changed for ever by this fabulous experience and thankyou dearest Adela SO much and all my wonderful new buddies. LOVE LOVE LOVE …………………..LOVE YOU ALL…feel you all and my red bush is SO bright in our lovely light.THANKYOU SO MUCH EVERYONE

  5. Because you have so magnificently shared your God Light with us, each of Our God Lights will forever shine more brightly. With Unending Gratitude, and Ditto to all the previous comments and those that will follow, as well…

  6. “Adela”- Or should I say independant energy in action who births emotions and with familial pride nurtures them until they are ready to bloom and who with curiosity and earthly-limited-words verbalizes the energy experience with balance, fairness and diplomacy all the while elegantly retaining her gentle yet powerful leadership abilities and who is not afraid “to go boldly where no thing ness has gone before.” LoveLoveLove!

    1. I do believe the Goddess of Language has taken up residence in our tribe. How beautifully phrased. I don’t think I can ever call myself Adela again without feeling your new ‘languaging’ of it.

      Thank you, Alisha, for ‘getting me’ and my intention. I am SO moved by your expression. Adela is becoming everything I ever hoped she would be, when I didn’t know who she already IS.

      Don’t you love words? Me too. Thank you and MWAH!!!!! Love! Love! Love! This is now MY mantra too.

  7. Most Dearest Adela…What can I say but that you have most delightfully and magnificently with beauty, grace and love called us all into our own power and potential awakening us to be masters in our own right.One hundred thousand thanks and blessings and more from me and this whole magnificent trusty tribe you have called together. LOVE LOVE LOVE MMMHHHH MMHHHH MMHHHH! Love you.Rosemary…Rosie

    1. AHMEN dear Rosie.. This has been the most magnificent party of my entire. life! Because I was “different” and did not fit in, I have always been the loner at the edge of the gathering. I am now in the midst of a JOYous celebration . I am no longer alone.

      namaste dearest family.Each of you is a STAR that will shine forever in my heart.
      nancy BE

        1. YES, YES, YES, to all that you said, Rosie and Nancy,

          My heart feels so full of gratitude to you, dear, dear Adela, and to all who have been on this journey these past 30 days…whether on the calls, webcast, or listening to replays. What we are all co-creating is sooo magnificent and transformative for ourselves and the WORLD.

          Adela, thank you so very much for saying YES to the call to lead us, engage us, call us forth to awaken more, and to see our brilliance. You host quite a party, darling!!!

          Sharing my mornings and this adventure with all of you fills my heart with such joy, wonder, excitement, inspiration and most of all LOVE !!! Here’s to new beginnings, new possibilities and a world where we ALL see and know our own and each other’s brilliance, true essence, and LOVE without end.
          Big big love and hugs to you all,

    2. In the words of one of my favorite groups, The Beatles:

      All you need is LOVE . . . All you need is LOVE. . . All you need is LOVE, LOVE . . . LOVE is ALL you need . . .

      Because LOVE is WHO you are. The need is just a misunderstanding. You ARE already that. Yes? Yes!

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