June 7


The Abyss of Nourishment

By Adela Rubio

June 7, 2008

The universe emerges out of an all-nourishing abyss not only twelve billion years ago but in every moment. It is not possible to find any place in the universe that is outside of this activity. Physicist BrianSwimme, Hidden Heart of the Cosmos: Humanity and the New Story

It's the mundane, everyday gestures that strike you most about people that are dear to you.

My Dad is in critical condition after having undergone two surgeries and 7 hours in the OR last night, for a 9cm abdominal aortic aneurysm. I keep seeing his smile and hearing his irreverent comments. He's always been ‘off the wall'
and a strange ranger.

I remember the kiss I gave him before they took him off and the way my Mom, my daughter and son, my nephew and my brothers and I were all taking turns in being with him over the last 3 days, joking and hatching an escape plan from the hospital.

Life is SO precious and DEAR. It is this light in those we love that brings us alive and palpating to the presence of what's TRUE. It opens our hearts and plumbs the depths of our being, carving more space for life to inhabit us.

As I adventure into the coming hours, days and perhaps weeks I plunge into the deepest edge of the abyss which nourishes and sustains my being.

All is well.

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