April 29


Tell the Truth

By Adela Rubio

April 29, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts II

Has anyone you know ever turned out to be not who you thought they were? It's shocking and downright disappointing, isn't it? Not to mention uncomfortable. It brings home the realization that much of how you relate to someone hinges on what you believe to be true about them.

How much more disconcerting to discover this truth about yourself. As the layers of familial obligation, social niceties, and cultural norms get stripped away, how much more threatening is it to explore your own incongruities? After all, it took decades to create the ‘you' that you share with the world.

And yet, you long for what's true. You long for the freedom to experience the raw, unadulterated nakedness of knowing. You're wired for it.

What if you told the truth, at least to yourself, about what you really want?

Forget the impulse, surface stuff. You know what I'm talking about. No matter how much of it you immerse yourself in, you are not satiated. You're still hungry for something more.

All the surface stuff that you think will give you what you want won't. How about just going for what you really want? If you're honest with yourself, you know that you are the only thing that stands between you and YOU. One plays it safe, minimizes risks, and looks to maintain the status quo. The other dives in headfirst off the cliff because the desire for what's true is greater than the fear of what you don't know . . . yet.

Ego is the concept of who we are. It's the ego, the concept of who we are, that keeps us from recognizing our true freedom. Gangaji

Would you be willing to relinquish the meager comfort of your safety for the deepest longings of your inner being?

Your dreams aren’t served by your silence. Tell the truth about what you really want. Tell the truth.

Ready to take action on those dreams? Send me a note telling me about your dream and what you've already done to bring it into being. I'll respond with a link to my scheduler. Let's have a brief chat to clarify what it is, getting started, and how I can help you activate them. Jump on it if it speaks to you.

Photo by Tabby Guarnieri on Unsplash

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  1. Awesome’ Adela! (as usual!)

    Thank you, not just for your wisdom, but also because you model what you write!

    Love from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

  2. This message is very inspiring. I reached a point where I realized that I need to tell the truth. I had lied to my wife about where I was going (to drink with the bud’s). I had been feeling trapped and smothered and wanted a night out with friends. I thought she wouldn’t understand so I lied. It was stupid of me. She thought I was cheating. I just wanted to party. Her trust in me took a big hit that night. I wasn’t what she thought I was (honest). The consequences encouraged me to try a new way. It has been very empowering. All those little times when I had previously been evasive or unsure of the consequences of telling the truth, I will now speak the truth and let the chips fall. One caveat: I express the truth with love and compassion, and not use the truth as a weapon to hurt. We are now married ten years and closer than ever. Truth works!

  3. Hi Adela
    So true that we are the only ones that stand between ourselves. The path to the truth is liberating but sometimes alienating. We are taught to run from the truth from such a tender age. Always such a blessing to connect with people who are not afraid to accept the truth and be who they really are. Thank you.

  4. Hi Adela,
    Gangaji also touches me deep. It is most definitely time to tell the truth.
    It is time to ask oneself from all the voices creeping inside me which one is the true voice of my essential being. Thank you.

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