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How to Use Visual Content to Market Your Business

My business has been on low vibe for the past three years now. As I dive back in and reassess some of my previous business strategies, not everything fits. So I’ve let them go. In the 20+ years I’ve been in business (co-owning a health club and my own online business), I’ve experienced time and again that if […]

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4 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Business

If you’re anything like I used to be, marketing and promoting your services, programs and products might be one of the aspects of your business that creates a lot of angst. And yet, if you don’t market — let people know about your programs, products and services — you don’t have a business! Here’s why… […]

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Mastermind Secrets for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Whether it’s 12 Step Programs, Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, the power to achieve in a group, what is difficult to accomplish individually, is impossible to deny. This is the principle of a Mastermind Group and successful Conscious Entrepreneurs know that they are essential to turbo charge  business growth and profitability. Here are some successful […]

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How to Engage Teleseminar Participants

Meet 3 Teleseminar /Expert Interviewers titans in our coaching, healing and transformation industry, who are going to have a juicy discussion right here with us!  Adela Rubio, Kim Clausen and Ellen Britt, join us to share their tips, tricks and wisdom that keep participants engaged on teleseminars.  A very important discussion in this day and […]

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How to Turn Your Ideas into Cash

Do you have an idea spinning inside your brain, but wonder if it could ever really make any money? You’re not alone.  Thousands of folks have done it – really turned their ideas into cash.  But it’s kind of a miracle, right?  I mean, these folks just got lucky breaks.  Surely. Trust Your Heart: Turn […]

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Ready for a Transforming Read?

You may have heard the buzz already about the new book Trust Your Heart: Turn Your Ideas into Income.  Written by 19 individuals who once had a vision in their hearts and who made those dreams real – this book is taking the internet by storm. And no wonder!  How many folks like you are […]

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