May 21


Sustaining a Transformative State

By Adela Rubio

May 21, 2008

Energy Mastery

I'm often asked by course participants how to maintain the breakthroughs and heightened awareness that occur during our evolutionary trainings. How do you sustain a transformative state?

In the practice lab that is my life, these are the tools that I have found most powerful:

1. Engage in a Breath Practice. Your breath is a bridge to expanded consciousness. In any moment to access more of what's TRUE just BREATHE, RELAX, EXPAND. Engage your connection to your expanded Being. Notice how much more of you there is than your physical body and your five senses. Allow yourself the experience of your multi-dimensional being. Your breath will attune you to the subtle energy of your body and to the expanded potential of your awakened hyper-sensing abilities. You are MUCH more than what meets the eye.

2. Notice Everything From an Expanded Perspective. Curiously observe the movement of feelings, the associated stories that surface, the language you use to speak to yourself, the beliefs and thoughts that parade across your inner landscape. Don't DO anything! Just notice, with mild amusement preferably, the cast of characters that arise with ready-made behaviors and assumptions. Noticing is a key tool in shifting consciousness. With practice you will come to KNOW that you are not your feelings, thoughts, beliefs or stories. You are the energy within which the play happens. You are the landscape of life's arising.

3. Design Environments that Require You to Show Up Transformatively. A daily energy practice will support you in your energetic expansion and in engaging the potential of your world vs the problems in your life. If you're in the midst of big energy movement you may need to check in moment to moment. Connect with a friend or colleague and establish a regular schedule to connect for a Power Pal session. In these sessions, witness one another's magnificence and amp up your collective energy. Keep a journal or blog on your experiences. Lead a class, a call or a group and put into practice what you have experienced. Check in with your vibrant community of transformationalists when you experience a lot of intense energy or emotion, it's most probable that you are engaged in a collective energy movement.

This work is NOT personal. Practice expanding your scope, checking in with yourself and your community and engage your ‘personal experience' from its expanded energetic potential.

One of the most valuable sustainability tools is an Evolutionary Coach who is conversant in the language of energy, transformation and breakthrough potential. Let me know if you're ready for magnificent and powerful play.

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