July 12


Surf the Mega Shift Waves of Growth

By Adela Rubio

July 12, 2010

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There are loads of people talking about the big energy shifts we're experiencing and mostly they're talking about people being tired, feeling nauseous, dizzy, disoriented, etc. Well, there's a better way to be with it all … a sourceful, alivening approach to your conscious evolution.

Energetic mastery is about being in charge of the energy flow that's evolving you. And more than that, it's about discovering yourself as the source of that flow. Yes, you are evolving the world, calling new frequencies here to uplift us all. Once you acknowledge that, get conscious of it and begin working with the mastery that is natural to you, then you discover that these vibrational frequency shifts create vitality, vibrancy and an aliveness you may not have experienced before. You become a magical, alivening influence on Life and on all that you touch.

Welcome to the world of Super Energetics which is about …

1. Living super connected to potentiality, creation, limitless Life source energy and living consciousness,

2. Being able to make magic happen in your reality, as well as for others and the world, with a simple whoosh of your being, and

3. Unleashing your true power as an alivening agent for Life.

Super energetics, for us, occurs in five levels including …

ULTRA SENSITIVE ENERGETICS. A state of open vulnerability in which you can be swamped by the energetics of people, their emotions and circumstances, and the state of the world at large. As you can imagine, this is not your starting point for super energetics. You always start from wholeness and vibrancy. But ultra sensitives are some of the most energetically powerful people in the world and you have a big passion to help you unleash and realize your greater potential as magical, miraculous, alivening forces for Life. Shift from ultra sensitive to super sensitive to super power.

VIBRANT ENERGETICS. A state of wholeness in which you feel vibrant, alive, vital, highly creative, energized and energizing. Energy flows easily through you, you create wildly and wondrously, brightening up Life wherever you go.

TRANSFORMATIVE ENERGETICS. A state of connection to consciousness in which you feel expansive, in the full flow of your knowing, super connected to everything and able to see, work with and realize the potential of anyone or any situation through engagement with the new collective energy field. You become a potentializer of Life, able to sail through uncharted waters to bring new concepts, ideas, projects, visions and possibilities into reality with ease and grace.

MAGICAL ENERGETICS. A state of magical being in which you dance in Life's magical brilliance. You feel playful, magical, sparkling. Laughter comes easily to you and you can move things with simple perception shifts and a wave of your magical hands. You generate magical spaces in which others want to come play.

. Surrender to the miraculous field of limitless possibilities. You source an upliftment of Life and upgrades in potentiality. You bring the impossible and the unprecedented into the dance of reality. You become a source creator of Life in its fullest.

We'll look at how you can move through these energetic levels, getting in charge of the vibrational frequency shifts that are happening right now. Move from drowning in the waves of new frequencies to surfing with sourceful mastery.

Check out the online course, Super Energetics.

Image: Ice on the Rocks, Spigoo

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