April 16


Stepping Stones to the New

By Adela Rubio

April 16, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts II

Ever get frustrated with the things that seem to wrest your glory away from you? Obstacles and barriers in your world may, at first, appear to be stumbling blocks to your success. In actuality, they are the pathway upon which your success is founded.

One of my favorite Course in Miracles quotes illustrates this beautifully:

Love brings up everything unlike itself.

As you launch your intention, whatever is not in alignment with that intention comes up on your radar as a problem or an issue. You get the picture, yes?

THAT'S your evolutionary playground. That's where you get to partner with life. That's where, as in the Goethe quote, “life conspires with you.” What would be possible if instead of resisting the issues and problems, you engaged them as sparkling potential?

What a magical wonderland your life would be if you engaged this shift of attention, awareness and energy! Every problem would be viewed as containing the kernel of causation. Every issue would be seen as the stepping stone to the new. And as you engaged life from this grander perspective you would come to experience the boundless nature of your essential being.

Image: Social Art, Kevin Dooley

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  1. This brings up the idea of asking these empowering questions – “What If?”
    What if this problem is in fact an opportunity?
    What if this issue is the exact shortest way to a solution?
    What if this boulder I am seeing is the catalyst for my greatest growth in the shortest possible time?
    What if my belief about this is not in fact true?

    1. Great questions, David. The quality of the questions do impact the quality of the answers. Thanks for adding to the conversation.

  2. “What would be possible if instead of resisting the issues and problems, you engaged them as sparkling potential?” Wonderful! Look at ALL that potential;-) Seriously just taking that perspective and breathing, relaxing and expanding helps shift from obstacle to potential.

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