Embody Your Wildly Creative Nature

Your visions are fuel. Are you ready to take the leap from idea to creative project? Let's explore how to craft and deliver your creative project and grow your audience in ways that make you shine! Dive in and let's do it!

The Wild Creatrix Playshop:
Create Your 2023 Vision Map

Thursday, Nov 3, 12 pm ET and 7 pm ET

Here's How To Do It

Creative change agents, people in the playground of transformation, have loads of ideas. The thing is to put it into practice. My approach is simple: Take your idea and use it as fuel to create a lean model. Launch it, get real world feedback, then tweak your creation. Inspiration without implementation is just a dream. Let's make yours real.

Connect to Your Creative Essence

You are a wildly creative being. You may be disconnected from that awareness. It's no less true. Let's awaken your creative capacity!

Share Your Creative Gifts

Your creative gifts are eager to be expressed. Discover your gifts by putting them into play. There are many ways to do this. Let's get to it!

Collaborate & Grow Your Community

There is no quicker way to boost your ability to create and share your gifts than collaboration and community. Ready for a quantum leap?

Connect to Your Creative Essence

You are a creative genius by design. You may not be in touch with that reality. Here's how to find your way home.

Mindset Shifts That Boost Your Creative Energy

Energy is the currency of your creative essence. In order to flow with inspiration and serendipity, you need to have available energy. Let's amp up!

Practices to Awaken & Embody Your Brilliance

Most of us didn't make it unscathed through the influence systems (education, family, peers, etc.). That means you've been toned and trained down. Let's undo that!

Create an Aligned Community to Boost Your Impact

Change is graceful when you align with others on a greater vision. It's the collective power of every one saying, "Yes! I'm on for this." You get to ride the wave instead of crashing against it. Gather a circle!

Simple and easy.

Circle Facilitator Course 

Are you ready to gather a circle and guide them through a process of graceful and gracious transformation? Circles are a powerful model to awaken and embody your creative essence. 

About the Author

Adela Rubio has been facilitating, hosting, and producing online events since 2005. She is a masterful facilitator, conscious co-creator, experienced online marketer, and virtual event host and producer. Join this power pal and experience a delightful playground to unleash your wild creatrix/creator.

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