January 21


Sprinkle Your Pixie Dust

By Adela Rubio

January 21, 2017

BIG Shifts, Writing Prompt

We've reached the end of this adventure. It has been wonderful to share it with you – whether you wrote to the prompts on your own, shared in the Facebook Group or showed up on the live writing circles.

This event is intentionally designed to make it easy for you to play your way. I trust you feel more open, more connected to your deepest longings and your inner guidance and that you are ready to share more of your greatest bits with the world.

Here's what I've discovered on making dreams come true: You can do it! It's easy to get sidetracked on doubt and confusion. When that happens just know it's a call to reconnect to the juice that fuels your vision. It takes tremendous trust to pull something from your dreams and make it real, especially when it may not yet have materialized. There's no damn proof! Ha!!

This is where your visioning creative nature is essential. Hold fast to your dreams, darlings! You wouldn't have them if they weren't yours to bring into being.

Life pulsates in THIS moment.

It doesn't matter what has happened before, or even who YOU were before. All that's essential exists in the present. I'll repeat that. All that's essential exists in the present.

All it takes is an infinitesimal shift in how you feel and sense and a new trajectory of experience becomes possible. Chances are that it will be an unfamiliar pathway. It is in the very nature of it’s ‘newness’ that the gift lies.

The new in your outer experience elicits the new from your inner world. A new you is inevitable if you willingly engage the present moment.

In today's writing explore the mystery of YOUR magic. Pixie dust is real, loves! Spread it all around.

Unleash the Magic!




Today's Prompt:

My magic is …



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