July 31


Spiral into the Future

By Adela Rubio

July 31, 2008

Expand Awareness

We should try to be the parents of our futureĀ  rather than the offspring of our past. Miguel de Unamuno

What if the YOU that you've experienced is not the REAL you? What if you are actually a dynamic being of unparalleled power vibrantly creating yourself in each moment?

The access point to this awareness only comes through your direct experience of yourself out of time. The ‘history' of YOU unravels as you begin to unhook from who you think you are by exploring the expanded being that is available to you in this moment.

As long as you stay connected to the ‘the story' of who you've been you cannot tap into the aliveness of this moment. Allow the fog to lift, the thoughts and beliefs that tether you to ‘what's been' to lighten up and flow away as clouds in the sky.

You are the ALWAYS has been and always WILL BE. Presence the wonder and power of your natural essence. Feel the joy and freedom of your playful and creative core. The REAL YOU is only accessible right now – untethered from what was and what will be. As you come awake to this magnificent being, right here and now, what arises will be true and YOU. A new world will unfold from this moment and spiral your future into a new becoming.

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