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Celebrate Your Divine Mother!

In the northern hemisphere spring is singing its alivening tune – bird’s are chirping delightedly and the freshness of the morning leaves a fragrant blanket of life’s embrace at your doorstep. I am grateful to have my mother live very close. I see her every day, bury my nose in her neck during my hugs […]

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Bring Christmas Home

I know that most folks are sending out their Christmas greetings and gifts at this time. What if we brought it home, into our daily lives, as an every moment conversation vs a yearly celebration? It feels to me that the time is NOW to BRING HOME this energy of abundance, appreciation and connection. I […]

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Choose to Celebrate

It’s Thanksgiving Day for those of us in the US, and I’m spending it with my family and friends. Holidays are always a raucous and charged event at the Rubio’s. Cubans are expressive and joyfully explosive by nature, making for interesting photo ops and tantalizing anecdotes for the tell-all book. Amid the cacophony of family, […]

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I Am Xmas

It’s Christmas eve and as I sit Am filled with peace and light Friends sharing tales of xmas cheer Bring heart warmed tears to sight As I think back thru this past year And all the shining souls Who’ve graced my heart, thru day and night My gratitude unfolds The pulse of life springs eagerly […]

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