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A Unique Voice for Change

There’s been so much yakety-yak about Michael Jackson. I have always admired and adored him. Here’s a wonderful interview with him that resonated with what I sensed about Michael. Often we try to reconcile the person (and their personal life) with their work. Big mistake I’ve learned. I’ve studied with many masters who were doing […]

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Your Dynamic Vision for the New Year

A new year has a special allure. It’s a blank slate, a portal of possibility, the precipice of potential.The energy and promise of a whole new year to envision, delineate and launch your plan is heady stuff. How can you amplify and harness the power inherent in the unknown, the edge of what you are […]

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Let’s Ignite Life!

This time of year is imbued with a specific energy. It is the energy of potential, of your expanded nature and the embodiment of unrelenting joy. A hint of passion sparkles thru The Xmas lights of love imbue A vibrant touch of essence fired Connections boundless thus inspired The biggest me, the biggest you Spark […]

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Rock Your Choice

It’s election day in the US today and the energy is zinging. I just came from the polls and it was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. In one area of town there were lines down the block. Your vote is an agreement, a covenant. It is an alignment, a YES. Check in energetically and […]

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Essential Freedom is Yours to Embody

Essential Freedom

Essential freedom is not something you earn or barter. It is not something you inherit or buy. Essential freedom is the very fabric of your being. In the US today, we celebrate Independence Day. This holiday is a great opportunity to explore the role of essential freedom in your world. How do you fully engage […]

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A Fortress of Focus

It’s Father’s Day in the US today. A heartfelt hug to all families celebrating everywhere. I am especially aware of the preciousness of this sacred relationship and role of ‘Father.’ My relationship with my father has been a source of paradox in my world. As I connect with his essence I savor his magnificence. The […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

In the northern hemisphere spring is singing its alivening tune – bird’s are chirping delightedly and the freshness of the morning leaves a fragrant blanket of life’s embrace at your doorstep. Take a moment to appreciate the life-givers and nurturers in your world. Feel your essence alivened with the immensity of LOVE and LIFE that […]

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