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Father’s Day: Honor Your Father’s Gifts

Father's Day

The last time I saw my Dad alive was last Father’s Day. The anniversary of his passing quickly approaches. It’s a bittersweet time. I’ve been in a swirl for a bit, images flash forwarding in my mind’s eye and massive emotions thundering through every cell of my being. Love is an astounding energy. I feel […]

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Mother’s Day Story: Love Is All There Is

Love is all there is Mothers Day Story

Love is all there is. Even when your world doesn’t seem to reflect it. Rumi, Emily Dickinson, and Gary Zukav all agree, “Love is all there is.” I concur. Here’s a recent Mother’s Day story illustrating this perennial truth. It’s been over a year since I spoke with my mother. I’ve sat with this and […]

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3 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Today is Earth Day and it’s great for raising awareness and making a conscious choice to honor your partnership with Life. We all share the ground beneath our feet and the fruits of the earth. Choosing to acknowledge the sacredness of our earthly home is another way to honor our cosmic connection to it and one […]

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How to Celebrate Love (Without Spending a Dime)

It’s estimated that $19.6 billion will be spent on Valentine’s Day 2018. That’s a lot to spend in the name of love.  Clearly, it’s something worthwhile to many, many people. Holiday’s are collective agreements, rituals that we enact to commemorate something we value and thereby enrich our lives. How you honor them is your choice. I […]

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Are You Poised for the Sparkling Possibilities?

Most of the planet is rushing into their resolutions, goals, objectives . . . even intentions. (Ha! I’m hosting an Intention Circle on January 1st for my community but we’ll play a little differently!) If the past few years have taught me anything it’s that life unfolds when you take the invitation to stroll on the cosmic […]

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Blessings of Light

Whichever holiday or holy day you celebrate, my friends, may you find the light of love reflected in your world. I’ve been hosting a writing event this month and am in the circle of a loving and supportive community. It’s a container that allows me to live my values and share with others who feel […]

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Enjoy The Little Things

Holidays and holy days are a wonderful time to pull in and reflect. They’re dimensional portals of collective energy that we can buy into or transcend. You choose, darlings! Thanksgiving can be a time of gathering with family and friends, enjoying a great meal and noticing the goodness of life. It still is that for […]

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Is It Christmas (Or Something More)?

Before you dive into my morning muse, know that I’m an introspective kind of gal. I ponder a lot. I give deep thought to things that matter to me. I care about the quality of my moment to moment experience. Time is precious. I’m not planning on wasting any more of it. In today’s post, I […]

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