September 18


Sitting With Death and Choosing Life

Have you experienced loss recently? Whether it's the death of a loved one or a way of life it takes tremendous resources to navigate the sea of change. Some of us have local communities that can support us in trying times. Sometimes we don't have access to those communities, for whatever reason. It could be too far or you could feel out of place.

One of the biggest portals to change and discovery for me was the discovery and creation of online community. I have a treasure trove of friends who speak the same language, have the same heart and decades of experience in the playground of transformation. My friend Rose Diamond, author and founder of Tribe in Transition, is one of these treasured friends.

But more about Rose in a minute . . . back to loss and what's possible when you're left with a gaping hole in your heart and feeling like no way to mend it.

I have been having regular conversations with my colleagues and community for four years now. I don't know anyone who has not been brushed by the stroke of change. Many have been smashed to smithereens by it and are still standing.

It's a time to be awake and aware, hearts open and ready for the dance. I know that loss is an opportunity, a portal. But sometimes you have to sit with it for a bit. Sometimes you can't move on right away. There are things that are rumbles and tectonic shifts in your inner being. Sometimes you have to sit with it.

My friend Rose Diamond is offering a powerful playground for you to BE with loss. I participated in a conversation with Rose for her series, Sitting with Death and Choosing Life. I am still stirred from our time together.

I spoke on the topic of navigating deep emotions. Amazingly I felt soothed while being interviewed, Rose has that kind of presence. I'm dealing with loss so this was just in time for me. It might be right for you too.

You can listen to our conversation here free of charge:

[thrive_link color='light' link='' target='_self' size='medium' align='aligncenter']Listen to My Interview with Rose on Sitting With Death and Choosing Life[/thrive_link]

Rose’s intention is to offer opportunities to explore death and dying and how you can transform grief and loss so that you approach Life's most challenging experiences as opportunities for awakening to more of your wholeness. As you know these subjects are very close to my heart. Rose is a master at creating an experience that pulls you into your power.

Rose shares my passion for consciousness and community. If you enjoy being in my circle, you'll love her! She gets the #bigshifts thumbs up.  🙂

If you're going through a DEEP transition join us! See you in the circle, darlings!

Register for the series. It's a really generous offer from an amazing and abundant friend.

Taking the leap with you,






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